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"Your emails and website provide the common sense that we often leave at the door to the office."

David Jones
Senior Practice Leader
Kaiser Permanente

"I often change small things across many pages as MarketingExperiments gets me thinking about how to increase the straighforwardness of my pages for the visitor."

Amanda Schaner
Marketing Coordinator
Home Science Tools

"The live web clinics are very humbling. I think we're doing a pretty good job. But every time I attend, I realize we could do things much better for our clients. I consider MarketingExperiments my encyclopedia, and parrot the principles I learn every chance I get."

Troy O'Bryan
Co-Founder and Chief Response Officer
Response Capture, Inc

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About Us

MarketingExperiments was the first Internet-based research lab to conduct experiments in optimizing sales and marketing processes. Today, with multiple optimization indices and formulas and with its MarketingExperiments Lab™ technology, MarketingExperiments, as part of the MECLABS Institute, is forging research partnerships with key companies such as The New York Times,, and Johnson & Johnson. These partnerships are driving more breakthrough discoveries and have enabled MECLABS and the MarketingExperiments publishing branch to develop the world’s largest collection of optimization related experiments and case studies.

  1. We release a portion of it to our Subscribers (through the MarketingExperiments Journal and our Web Briefings). < more...>
  2. We teach it to our certification students (and help them become experts in Landing Page Optimization, Email Messaging Optimization or Online Testing Optimization).< more...>
  3. We conduct joint experiments with our Research Partners (and help them optimize their subscription, leadgen, advertising, or ecommerce offers). < more...>

MECLABS and InTouch Offices

Through our research, we have been fortunate to collaborate with many of the Net's leading thinkers. We are grateful for everyone's help and insights. And though we still have more questions than answers, we are truly committed to discovering what really works.

Much of the Lab’s research is predicated on strong private sector partnerships. To conduct practical experiments and glean useful data, MarketingExperiments works with partners such as these.
(See actual examples):

  • The New York Times
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Reuters Group PLC
  • The Street.Com
  • Johnson & Johnson


"To see what tactics actually work for retailers, this group of analysts does specific research on a wide variety of marketing topics with budgets ranging from $4,500 to more than $100,000. They then publish the results and host free web clinics..."

Gwen Moran
Entrepreneur Magazine

"...have created a unique research-oriented site that continually extends the envelop in terms of Internet business research. Their mission is to test, compare and evaluate different methods in order to discover optimal ways to improve the performance..."

Dr. Paul Christ

"...No other (report) I know of comes close in terms of providing real, detailed facts and figures on promotional techniques, backed up by considerable explanation and insight. It's a heavy dose of reality..."

Dr. Mark Brownlow

"Thank you so much for your help - a very positive experience!...

...The report delivered against my expectations, and I'll certainly be buying from you again.

Many thanks for great service...!!


Joanne Casley
Reuters Media

"I'm a big fan of your info…."

Andrew Goodman
Page Zero Media

"The Marketing Experiments Journal is in my opinion one of the best marketing ezines out there, so I'm pleased to notify my readers about your latest tests."

Lauri Harpf

"..your website is considered an excellent reference on the Net. Your new award symbolizes overall a very high standard in design and content and we are honored to see it within web pages such as yours."

Rhonda Wetgen
Expressions Awards Program

"Just discovered your web site through Ezine-Tips. I love the concept (way overdue), writing (a nice sense of humor) - just really valuable."

Gregg Terry

"...thank you for an outstanding offering with Marketing Experiments. I look forward to receiving your ezine as it is professional, detailed, and a breath of fresh air in a hype filled niche."

Dante Maure
MLM Forum

"The information on your site showcased, honest straight forward marketing/promotion information. I even joined your newsletter, I do not join peoples newsletters. Sites like yours give a 110% to the World Wide Web."

Prestige Awards

"The depth of your article is also something very uncommon these days in a "slap up the content" world, it was refreshing to see such an excellent change of pace..."

Christopher Knight

"I just wanted to tell you what a superb job your newsletter is doing...keep up the great work!"

Bryan Eisenberg

"You have provided your visitors with content that is informative, entertaining, presented well, and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web."

Bill Darling
Critical Mass Awards

"I subscribe to quite a few e-marketing/commerce newsletter and I want you to know that yours is one of the best. The market research you perform is tremendous.


Tim Bete
e-marketing manager
University of Dayton

"I am a big fan of your grounded, proven approach to search engine marketing and devour your studies – many, many thanks for the sense of community and insight I gain from you!...

Many thanks!"

Celeste Bishop

"I received 3 weeks worth of 'to the point' results driven information in 60 minutes...If time is money than this is the best deal in town..."

Roy Weissman

"A truly useful and beneficial resource for sales/marketing/advertising professionals."

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"I enjoyed the conference call today, I found it to be interesting, informative and far more personal than I have experienced before."

Justin Magnan

"I am a member of your Lab. I do usability testing on websites as well as write content for online newsletters and websites. So the last conference call was of great interest to me… That was a great service - thank you.

Your five step usability plan was excellent."

Sally Falkow
Falkow, Inc.

"A truly useful and beneficial resource for sales/marketing/advertising professionals. Enough about who's doing what...just tell us what works!! I'll be forwarding your site to the sales staff...

Best wishes,"

Christopher Hope
Copywriter and Producer

"I currently subscribe to several paid publications in the field and yours is the best by far.

Thank You,"

Shane McGlaun

"I saw your email ad for the lab pass just in the nick of time! I am seriously considering taking on a new client who wants to do internet advertising, and I've been stressing out because this is new terrain for me. Your lab experiments are exactly the type of thing I need to see. Your excellent reports addressed every one of my questions. Thank you - thank you - thank you! It's not often one buys something that turns out MUCH better than expected! Keep up the excellent work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andrea Neuerburg
Generation Now Media, Inc.

"Just wanted to let you know that I thought this was a really informative newsletter. It answered very quickly and concisely many questions that I have always had on marketing and on line marketing.

Thank you!"


"You have one great sales copy for your Lab Pass. This is what I call 'no B. S.' sales copy.... I've read so many sales copies on the internet and most of them disgust me - those made me promise to myself that I will never buy from anyone who uses the word 'explode' or something like that :-) Yours is relevant, professional, interesting and sincere.

Best regards,"

Visnja Zeljeznjak

"Let me say that your website is AWESOME. Even a long time marketing friend of mine commented that yours may be one the very best he's seen, even better than defunct 'i-sales' list in terms of quality of information.

So, in short, whatever help or services you offer, I'm interested in hearing about!

Finding out about your site has probably been one of the best parts of this journey so far. Thanks for offering something so honest and fantastic!

I or my partner will definitely let other people know about your site on the marketing forums we visit. Folks will think we're geniuses for recommending something so damn great. :)"


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