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MarketingExperiments Announces Acquisition of MarketingSherpa
Friday, 03 November 2006

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Announces Acquisition of MarketingSherpa

Top two research firms combine to bring marketers data and training to improve results

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. AND WARREN, R.I. November 2, 2006, a research firm that conducts real-time marketing experiments, today announced that it is acquiring MarketingSherpa, Inc., a research firm that publishes marketing case studies and benchmark data. Financial details were not disclosed by either party. More information is available at:

According to Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, director of, the two research firms will function as separate but close partners continuing to bring marketing professionals practical research data, networking Summits, and professional training.

"Both firms have the same objective, to discover what really works in marketing, but they utilize complementary methodologies," McGlaughlin said. "MarketingExperiments conducts real-time experiments; MarketingSherpa conducts benchmark studies and Case Studies. By working together, the two firms will be able to better serve their nearly 300,000 subscribers and members."

"Our research team is thrilled at the prospect of working closely with the scientists and statisticians at," said Anne Holland, president MarketingSherpa, Inc. "Our current research into what's really effective for real-life marketers is sometimes limited by the fact that marketers themselves may not have adequate test data on the newest tactics, such as online video advertising. Now we'll be able to partner with MarketingExperiments to actually design tests using live campaigns."

"Together, our two organizations will enter into 2007 offering marketing professionals the primary resource for the research they need to make the right marketing decision," McGlaughlin said. "Current offerings include a library of nearly 1,000 Case Studies and documented experiments, four annual benchmark guides, as well as Summits, training and certification."

Headquartered in Jacksonville Beach, Fla., conducts real-time marketing campaign tests with research partners such as the New York Times, Reuters Group, and Encyclopedia Britannica. Research areas include, ecommerce marketing, email marketing, online advertising, search engine marketing, and subscription marketing. The firm publishes The Marketing Experiments Journal, and it offers the MEC Professional Certification Program. MarketingExperiments.Com is a member of the MEC Labs Group, and a subsidiary of Digital Trust Inc.

About MarketingSherpa, Inc
Headquartered in Warren, R.I., MarketingSherpa is a research firm publishing practical Case Studies and Benchmark Guides for its 237,000 weekly readers in the marketing profession. Topics covered include exclusive data and proven tactics in business-to-business marketing, ecommerce marketing, email marketing, telemarketing, public relations, landing page design, marketing measurement and subscription marketing. The firm also operates three annual Summits attended by thousands of marketers. Founded in March 2000, and privately held, the firm will now join the MEC Labs Group.

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