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Conversion Factors That Impact Your Online Marketing

January 12th, 2015

Why do people say “yes” to your offer?  Any time there is an ask for something, whether you are asking people to purchase something, give you something or to do something, the person can either say “yes” or “no.”

In this short article, I will explain the conversion heuristic and how it can help you optimize your online marketing efforts and get to more yes(s.)


What is a conversion?

Definition — Conversion:  noun. The act or process of changing from one form, state, etc., to another[1]. If you are a marketer, it is your primary responsibility to help convert a prospect’s interest into an action.

There are many different actions a marketer may wish the prospect take, such as entering their information into a contact form, subscribing to an email newsletter or making a purchase.

When your prospect is presented with your request to do something, they can say “yes” or “no.”  If the prospect says “yes” to your request and they take action, a conversion has occurred.

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Landing Page Optimization: Multi-product page increases revenue 70%

May 5th, 2014

Finding the right balance of product and presentation on a landing page that markets multiple products can be a tricky endeavor as products compete for customer attention.

In today’s MarketingExperiments Blog post, let’s look at a recent test that not only increased revenue, but also increased our understanding about customer behavior.

Before we dive in, let’s get a little background research information on the test.


Background: An independent vitamin manufacturer and distributor.

Goal: To increase the total revenue from the page.

Primary Research Question: Which page will generate the highest total revenue?

Approach: A/B multifactorial split test


Side by side

In the experiment, Treatment A used a radio button format for each of the offers featured. In Treatment B, the design was a horizontal layout that let users compare offers.



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Online Testing: 3 ways to boost conversions

April 28th, 2014

Often when we begin working with a new Research Partner, the first question is, “Where do we start?”

It inevitably opens up a discussion of available resources and identification of parts of the page, site or process that are ideal to be tested and optimized. Factors that influence this discussion include business owners, IT limitations, legal or branding – a wide variety of reasons.

I’ve always found the following framework very useful in helping people better understand the three primary ways we can improve conversion.


Strategy #1. Increase the conversion rate of your page or site

In other words, of the people who show up, get more to convert.

This is a staple of what we do at MECLABS. We have many case studies and A/B tests showing time and time again how a rigorous process and scientific method will enable marketers just like you to better speak to and engage with visitors, ultimately resulting in more conversions.

A big part of this relies on how you apply that process to maximize the value your customers receive while minimizing as much friction and anxiety as possible.


Strategy #2. Increase the quantity of traffic to your site while maintaining quality

Simply put, find more people.

If you’re looking to increase conversions, don’t just look at conversion rate; another great way is to go get more people to your site. I know, obvious.

But hey, as long as this new customer is worth more than they cost, you’re all good. It’s important to remember when driving more traffic that the new quantity is at least of similar quality to what you already have hitting your site. Otherwise, as Michael Aagaard discussed with Daniel Burstein in a recent interview, it’s a waste.

It’s doesn’t do any good getting 100,000 more visits if no one actually does what you brought them there to do.


Strategy #3. Increase the quality of traffic to your site while maintaining quantity

To sum this up, find better people.

Are you targeting the right people?

Are the people you’re spending valuable time and money driving to your site even the right people for your offer?

If not, we have a problem. This one is all about driving the right people. If you’re paying per click for example, make sure that the people who are clicking have a clear idea of what they’re getting into.

One key to helping you do this is to identify your highest performing traffic sources and figure out why they convert better. Then, go get more of them.

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Landing Page Optimization: Color emphasis change increases clickthrough 81%

May 16th, 2013

Color can be used to guide customer thinking on a landing page by placing stronger emphasis on particular elements in your offer, and less emphasis on others.

Today’s MarketingExperiments blog post will show how the MECLABS research team discovered the impact color emphasis has on conversion.

Background: Company provides educational resources for health and fitness professionals who subscribe to one of its online memberships.

Goal: To increase number of membership sign-ups.

Primary Research Question: Which landing page will generate the highest clickthrough rate?

Approach: A/B split test (Variable cluster)

Control Treatment

The research team hypothesized the control did not place any emphasis on distinguishing between price points in the offer.

In the treatment, the team simplified and sequenced the pricing, and used a color design to emphasize the value of the offer.




What you need to know

By strengthening the communication of the offer’s value through color, copy and layout changes, the treatment increased clickthrough by 81%.

You can watch the full free Web clinic, “How Do Website Colors Impact Conversion?,”  to see Flint McGlaughlin , Managing Director, MECLABS, reveal four more surprising findings from our optimization testing and experimentation.

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Paid Search Marketing: 3 optimization ideas to test in your next PPC campaign

April 22nd, 2013

On a recent Web clinic, Brian Smith, Marketing Analyst, FCH, submitted a PPC ad and landing page for live optimization.

Unfortunately, we do not have time to optimize every submission live on Web clinics, and did not get to this submission.

So, in today’s MarketingExperiments blog post, we’ll offer Brian some optimization suggestions from a peer review session with the MECLABS research team. Our goal is to provide some optimization suggestions from a real-world example you can use to aid your PPC ad and landing page optimization efforts.

But first, let’s get a little backstory on the testing Brian and his team have done prior to the Web clinic.

When I asked Brian about his previous testing efforts, he explained the team has focused their testing mostly on value proposition development and landing page optimization.

I also asked Brian about some of the goals for their PPC ads and landing pages, and Brian explained they share one common goal – lead generation.

“The goal of the PPC ad is to get people to the site,” Brian said, “and the goal of the landing page is to get people to call us or fill out the form.”

Here is the PPC ad copy Brian sent us:

Loan Modification Help

Looking to Get a Loan Modification

Call for a Free Consultation Today


Identify the elements in your marketing that influence conversion

When I asked Matthew Hertzman, Research Manager, MECLABS, for some optimization opportunities, he explained it’s important to first break the PPC ad copy and the landing page down into basic marketing elements using the MECLABS Conversion Sequence Heuristic.


The heuristic is a patented, repeatable methodology marketers can use to look at their offers to understand how they can be optimized to improve the chances of a conversion.

(Editor’s Note: Optimization ideas, by their very nature, point out areas that need improvement. We respect all the hard work Brian and his team have put into their marketing efforts so far. OK, now let’s take the gloves off and dive into some ideas … )


Optimization Idea #1: Test more PPC ad copy variations

Matthew noted the PPC ad could use a little work on reducing the elements of friction and anxiety. Here were a few of his suggestions:

  • Try using a display URL in the PPC ad

“We’ve seen from testing that the added continuity from using display URLs generally increases clickthrough rates across multiple industries.”

  • Try including a phone number in the PPC ad

“Including a phone number in the PPC ad copy might also relieve some anxiety,” Matthew explained. “But, if the goal is to get them to call or to fill out the form, why not test giving them a direct phone number to call in the PPC ad and use the form as a separate lead gen channel.”

Below is the landing page Brian submitted with the PPC ad:

So, when I asked Matthew for additional opportunities on the landing page with Brian’s goals in mind, here were some of his suggestions …

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Web Usability: When should you avoid navigation?

April 15th, 2013

Navigation is often considered a core element of website usability.

If you routinely put navigation on every single page of your website, you will likely be shocked by one of our recent discoveries …



You can watch the full free Web clinic – “The Usability Myth: 4 surprising discoveries we learned after testing the most common usability principles” – to hear Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, explain three other surprising findings from our optimization testing and experimentation.

Our goal is show marketers key principles that can be used as a framework to aid usability and optimization efforts.

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