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"Your emails and website provide the common sense that we often leave at the door to the office."

David Jones
Senior Practice Leader
Kaiser Permanente

"I often change small things across many pages as MarketingExperiments gets me thinking about how to increase the straighforwardness of my pages for the visitor."

Amanda Schaner
Marketing Coordinator
Home Science Tools

"The live web clinics are very humbling. I think we're doing a pretty good job. But every time I attend, I realize we could do things much better for our clients. I consider MarketingExperiments my encyclopedia, and parrot the principles I learn every chance I get."

Troy O'Bryan
Co-Founder and Chief Response Officer
Response Capture, Inc


Site Optimization

1. Digital Subscriptions Boosted - 04/20/2016 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2016-04-21
Digital Subscriptions Boosted: Survey of 900 U.S. news consumers reveals key insights to increase your subscriber base
35-minute live web clinic replay

Last November, MECLABS Institute, parent company of MarketingExperiments, fielded an online survey of 900 U.S. news consumers, aged 25 and older with household incomes of at least $40K, to determine attitudes toward paid digital subscriptions.

In our latest MarketingExperiments Web clinic replay, we unravel that research to help you discover actionable insights to help you maximize this important source of recurring revenue.

Watch now to see several real-world subscription tests, and to learn four key insights to help increase your subscription base.

2. Site Banners Tested - 03/23/2016 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2016-03-24
Site Banners Tested: How minor changes led to a 433% increase in clickthrough for Humana
35-minute live web clinic replay

Is your site banner doing a good job of effectively conveying critical information to your customer? How can you tell? Is a banner even beneficial to your specific site?

In this 35-minute Web clinic Mike Loveridge, Head of Digital Test and Learn, Humana, joins the MarketingExperiments team live to discuss a series of banner tests that his team carried out, including one test that increased clickthrough by 433%. From headlines to copy to imagery and call-to-action, Humana left no banner element untested.

Watch the replay to see eight real-world tests, and to learn three key principles that successful site banners harness.

3. The Top 5 Marketing Discoveries of 2015 - 12/16/2015 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2015-12-17
The Top 5 Marketing Discoveries of 2015: 12 months of research in just 60 minutes
Over the past 12 months, the research team has conducted thousands of experiments on hundreds of landing pages across the Web.

From landing pages, to lead forms, to subject lines and calls-to-action, the MarketingExperiments team has distilled discovery after discovery over the past 12 months.

However, digital marketers don’t always have the time to watch through every single clinic.

In this 60-minute year in review, we’ll look at the top discoveries for 2015 and strategies that you can implement for successful campaigns in 2016.

4. Strengthen Your Copy in 35 Minutes - 11/18/2015 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2015-11-19
Strengthen Your Copy in 35 Minutes: Proven strategies to boost the effectiveness of your words
As marketers, we are under constant pressure to quickly pump out copy, often under seemingly impossible deadlines. Without always having the time to test, how can we give our copy the best chance of actually being effective?

The research team shared tests and revealed actionable principles that answered such vital questions as:
  • How long should your copy be?
  • What format should it take?
  • What specific points should be emphasized?
  • What order should your copy be arranged in?
They also provided viewers with takeaways that marketers can leverage for their own copywriting needs.

5. How to Write Headlines That Convert - 09/16/2015 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2015-09-17
How to Write Headlines That Convert: Key discoveries from a meta-analysis of 15 years of behavioral research
The headline is a simple element to change on your site — you don't need any special coding skills or additional technology to make it happen. Yet, they require serious attention. In this Web clinic, the research team shared a case study in which a headline change resulted in an 816% increase in conversion, just from understanding the cognitive psychology of the primary customer.

Marketing campaigns are so dependent on headlines that MECLABS had three writers perform a meta-analysis of more than 15 years of behavioral research. They measured real customer reactions to websites and campaigns from B2B, B2C and nonprofit brands.

The research team revealed key discoveries from this meta-analysis to help any marketer — no matter how much or how little copywriting experience they have — create more effective headlines.

You'll learn actionable principles for creating headlines that you can implement to improve the results of your marketing campaigns, emails and websites.

6. Product Pages Tested - 06/25/2014 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-06-26
Product Pages Tested: How carefully pinpointing customer anxiety led to a 78% increase in conversion
Product pages are often the heart and soul of an ecommerce website. It’s where you showcase products and initiate a conversation with customers that guides them to convert. However, there are elements on your product pages that can potentially have a deep impact on customer behavior by quickly turning conversation into concern.

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn about three key principles you can use to identify and reduce customer anxiety.

7. Does Green Marketing Really Work? - 06/04/2014 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-06-05
Does Green Marketing Really Work? What a recent experiment uncovered about the true psychological impact of an eco-conscious marketing campaign
"Going green" has become a prevalent part of marketing strategies as marketers work to reach a new eco-conscious customer base with their products and services. However, do green marketing tactics really have an impact on customer purchases?

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn more about the measurable impact of green marketing on customer behavior.

8. Optimizing Web Forms - 05/21/2014 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-05-22
Optimizing Web Forms: How one company generated 226% more leads from a complex Web form (without significantly reducing fields)
Lead generation is a delicate balance between generating a high quantity of leads, but also high-quality leads. So how can we capture more leads across our Web forms without significantly reducing the quality of those leads?

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn about a recent experiment that revealed how some minor changes to form fields can increase response from your prospects.

9. The Most Effective Calls-to-Action - 03/19/2014 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-03-20
(Watch Listen)
The Most Effective Calls-to-Action: 5 principles discovered for increasing customer response
The call-to-action is one of the most vital elements in your marketing. Consequently, when you think for a moment about the current calls-to-action on your main offer pages, how can you be sure they are generating enough customer response?

What if there were some slight modifications you could make to your CTA copy, placement, size and color to experience a significant increase in response?

Watch this Web clinic replay for the results from a recent experiment where calls-to-action were put to the test.

10. Radio Buttons vs. Dropdowns - 03/05/2014 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-03-06
(Watch Listen)
Radio Buttons vs. Dropdowns: How knowing the right way to collect customer information led to a 15% lift in orders
Think for a second about the last time you needed to create a form on your site. Whether it was for a shopping cart or lead generation, it probably had a field where you asked customers to select one of multiple options.

Most of us decide quickly between a radio or dropdown format as we’re creating forms, often leaving them as an afterthought of design. But what if choosing the right format for a single question in those forms meant seeing a conversion difference of 15%?

Watch this Web clinic replay for the results from a recent experiment that put these form options to the test.

11. How Many Columns Should I Use? - 01/29/2014 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-01-30
(Watch Listen)
How Many Columns Should I Use? How using the best page layout led to a 681% relative increase
When given a choice for a column layout on your pages, what’s really the best for marketing your products or services effectively? Is there an underlying theory for selecting a layout that will perform better than others?

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn more about a recent experiment with a large technology company involving column layouts that you can use to aid your landing page optimization efforts.

12. Are You Missing Copy on Your Page? - 11/13/2013 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2013-11-14
Are You Missing Copy on Your Page? How adding the right paragraph generated a 36% lift
Imagine one of your webpages for a moment. Is your copy communicating everything a customer needs to move to the next step in your sales process? What if you are losing business simply because customers don’t have enough information to make the decision to buy?

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn how one company captured 36% more total sales by adding a simple paragraph to its page.

13. Optimizing for Multiple Personas - 10/30/2013 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2013-10-31
Optimizing for Multiple Personas: How a recent test “broke the rules” of optimization and drove a 331% conversion lift
The guiding principles of conversion optimization often call for sharpening the focus of your messaging to appeal to a single customer persona. But, how do those principles apply to elements of copy and design that serve multiple visitor types with different needs and interests?

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn about how design and copy changes “broke the rules” of optimization and led to a 331% increase in conversion.

14. Category Pages that Work - 10/16/2013 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2013-10-09
Category Pages that Work: Recent research reveals design changes that led to a 61.2% increase in product purchases
Category pages are a standard for websites offering multiple products, yet they often take a backseat in testing and optimization.

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn more about how design changes to a series of category pages led to a 61.2% increase in product purchases.

15. Microsites Tested - 08/21/2013 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2013-08-22
Microsites Tested: Recent experiments reveal 2 common design mistakes that can kill microsite conversion rates
Many marketers connect prospects with specific products or services using microsites. Yet, the process of designing microsites that communicate high levels of value to those customers remains a challenge.

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn about a recent experiment with a physician-only social network and microsite design choices that can impact conversion.

16. Page Templates that Work - 07/05/2013 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2013-07-05
Page Templates that Work: New research reveals 3 high-performing webpage templates that consistently improve conversion
Watch this Web clinic replay to learn more about three high-performing website templates you can use to design landing pages for your next test.

17. Do Optional Form Fields Help (or Hurt) Conversion? - 03/07/2013 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2013-03-08
Do Optional Form Fields Help (or Hurt) Conversion? How one required form field was hindering a 275% lift in conversion
Have you ever wondered what the impact of optional form fields are on lead flow?

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn how you can apply three key principles of form field optimization to your lead flow process.

18. Special Live Optimization Clinic: Spanish-Language Landing Pages - 03/25/2009 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2009-03-25
Special Live Optimization Clinic: Spanish-Language Landing Pages
Regardless of what the best practices for Spanish-speaking websites might suggest, in order to effectively optimize for Spanish-speaking prospects, you must combine cultural awareness with your customer theory.

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn key transferrable principles that you can use for Spanish Website optimization.

19. Optimizing Shopping Carts for the Holidays - 11/21/2012 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2012-11-14
Optimizing Shopping Carts for the Holidays: 6 last-minute changes you can make to your shopping carts to increase conversion
Shopping cart optimization is one of the most effective ROI opportunities that exist on your website right now.

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn six last-minute changes you can make to your shopping cart to increase conversion before the holidays.

20. How Do Website Colors Impact Conversion? - 11/07/2012 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2012-05-03
How Do Website Colors Impact Conversion? New research reveals 5 critical mistakes designers make with color
Website color design is often misused by marketers. Pages underperform when discordant color schemes become a distraction, and when opportunities to use color to guide customers to conversion are overlooked.

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn five mistakes designers make with color and how you can avoid them.

21. Five Steps to Better Metrics - 07/18/2012 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2012-05-03
Five Steps to Better Metrics: How one marketer leveraged Web analytics for an annual revenue increase of $500,000
Web analytics can yield an intimidating mound of data — much more than marketers can interpret and use. Watch this Web clinic replay for five steps you can use to interpret your metrics for more profit.

22. Homepage Optimization Applied - 07/03/2012 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2012-07-05
Homepage Optimization Applied: Learn how to replicate a 331% lift on your own site (Special live optimization Web Clinic)

In a recent experiment performed in our labs, a few marketers from Migraine Treatment Centers of America were able to generate a 331% increase in leads. Watch this Web clinic replay to see how they did it.

23. Copywriting on Tight Deadlines - 06/15/2012 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2012-06-15
Copywriting on Tight Deadlines: How ordinary marketers are achieving 103% gains with a step-by-step framework
Most marketers are fairly insecure about writing copy. They're concerned that if they don't use the magic sales words needed to hypnotize their readers, no one will ever take action. Add to that the pressure of short deadlines and you have a recipe for some major blood pressure issues.

The truth is, you don't need magic words. You don't even need a lot of time to think about what you're going to say. All you need is a framework for writing copy that is good enough to get the job done.

24. Rapidly Maximizing Conversion - 01/19/2012 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2012-01-18
Rapidly Maximizing Conversion: How one company quickly achieved a 58.1% lift with a radical redesign
There are many guides to A/B split testing on the Internet. And most are adamant about making sure you test one thing at a time. If you don't, they warn you’ll never learn anything about what works and doesn't work on your pages.

25. Bad Data - 09/21/2011 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2011-09-14
Bad Data: The 3 validity threats that make your tests look conclusive (when they are deeply flawed)
If you’ve tuned into past MarketingExperiments Web clinics, you’ve seen some pretty impressive gains:
  • 141% increase in conversion
  • 12% more revenue across an entire ecommerce website
  • $4.9 million in additional sales pipeline growth (in only eight months)
And we’ve shared transferable principles to help you achieve similar gains yourself. But for this Web clinic, the MarketingExperiments team took a different approach and showed you not just what we did to get these types of results, but gave you an inside look at how we did it.

26. Negative Lifts - 08/10/2011 - How a 24% loss produced a 141% increase in conversion

Testing and optimization can lead to impressive, triple-digit gains and far higher conversion rates for all the traffic you're spending time and money driving to your website. However, testing anything on your website can be a bit frightening to the average marketer. For instance, what happens when you don’t get a lift? Well, that's exactly what happened with a recent test we did for one of our research partners...

27. Top Lessons from 2010 - 12/16/2010 - What worked and what didn’t in the last 365 days of experimentation

If there is one thing consistent about online customers, it’s that they are consistently changing. Trying to pin down marketing tactics that work from year to year can be a daunting task. That’s why it is essential to always be testing – especially testing those “best practices” that are commonly accepted across the Web. As our researchers discover again and again, it’s often our biggest assumptions that are the biggest hindrances to conversion. This year (2010) was no different, as new tests revealed what worked and what didn’t – with a few surprises.

28. Do You Have the Right Value Proposition? - 03/17/2011 - How to test, measure, and integrate your Value Proposition online

Your value proposition is at the foundation of all your marketing efforts. It is that primary reason why your ideal prospect should buy from you rather than your competitors. Yet many marketers have never tested this crucial element of their marketing strategy; they have only assumed it, essentially building an empire on sand. However, according to Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, real-world testing is essential to determining the most effective value proposition, and there are five simple steps any marketer can take to identify their optimal value proposition.

29. Images vs. Copy - 11/18/2010 - How getting the right balance increased conversion by 29%

When it comes to choosing an image for a web page, most marketers and designers rely on gut feelings or personal preferences. Few have a concrete way of determining the “what, when and where” of an image. So, in this Web clinic, we revealed new research findings that provide simple tactics for using both images and copy effectively. We discussed three key elements of an effective image, as well as two unique advantages copy has over images. For the first time, we revealed strategies for balancing landing page optimization (LPO) with search engine optimization (SEO).

30. Double the Value of Your Online Testing - 10/28/2010 - Don't just get a result, get the maximum customer insights

Though a test may improve a page’s performance, its greatest gain often comes from what it teaches you about your visitors. This is because the value of customer insights extends far beyond a single test. However, often the potential insights of a test are overlooked, and consequently, lots of revenue is being left on the table. So, in our October 20th Web clinic, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin provided a robust methodology for proper test interpretation to ensure the greatest long-term return on marketing investments.

31. Homepage Design - 09/30/2010 - The five most common pitfalls and how to overcome them

In a previous Web clinic, Flint McGlaughlin, the Director of MECLABS Group, taught five steps to help you optimize your company’s homepage. We intentionally left one key aspect of optimizing homepages out of that clinic because we felt it deserved special attention. So, for the September 30 clinic we focused exclusively on Step 4: Design the homepage to weigh objectives strategically according to priority.

32. Homepages Optimized - 09/09/2010 - How using the homepage as a channel led to a 59% increase in conversion

Your homepage URL is likely directly connected to every dollar that flows out of your marketing budget. It's on TV commercials, business cards, even the side of a city bus.

33. Optimizing Landing Pages - 08/19/2010 - The four key tactics that drove a 189% lift

Why do customers buy? Why do they fill out a lead generation form? Heck, why did your spouse agree to marry you?

34. Integrate Your Marketing - 05/06/2010 - How one company combined offline and online marketing to increase subscriptions by 124%

Interactive marketing is expected to grow at an impressive pace, from 12% of all advertising spending in 2009 to 21% in 2014, according to Forrester’s Interactive Advertising Models. Yet, even in 2014, almost four out of every five marketing dollars will be spent offline.

35. Clarity Trumps Persuasion - 12/16/2009 - How changing the first seven seconds of user experience drove a 201% gain

While marketers invest the majority of their time and budgets on areas deeper down in the funnel, MarketingExperiments research has found that most of the gain from optimizing a website occurs in the first seven seconds of users' experience.

Millions of dollars are won or lost in these first few moments a visitor spends on your site. So in this issue of MarketingExperiments Journal, we'll explore what can be done in this very short period of time to increase the probability of converting those visitors into customers.

All of the complex analysis and formulaic methodologies used by our scientists to create optimized pages that deliver triple-digit conversion gains can be summed up in three simple words...

36. No Unsupervised Thinking - 10/28/2009 - How to increase conversion by guiding your audience

From PPC to offline advertising, you likely invest significantly in driving prospects to your site. But do you put the same amount of resources into guiding them through to conversion?

In our October 28 web clinic, we took a detailed look at how to clearly guide your audience from first visit to conversion. Researchers Boris Grinkot, Corey Trent, and Heather Andruk investigated five key elements to directing visitor eyepath.

37. What to test - 10/14/2009 - (and how) to increase your ROI today

In recent web clinics, you've learned how to optimize aspects of your site ranging from landing pages to affiliate marketing. In our October 14 web clinic, we took a step back from optimization tactics to focus on maximizing ROI through smarter testing.

To address your toughest testing challenges, senior researchers Boris Grinkot and Ana Gaby Diaz explored how to overcome four common obstacles. Before you develop your next testing plan, read the clinic summary (PDF) or view the full presentation video to learn how to improve your tests, results, and ROI.

38. Ecommerce Optimization - 09/22/2009 - A holiday playbook for procrastinators

Didn't get all your holiday marketing plans locked in place this summer?

Don't panic. You're not alone. We know you've been stretched thin this year, but help for your holiday ecommerce marketing efforts is on the way.

On September 30, MarketingExperiments presented a special guest clinic with renowned ecommerce analyst and GetElastic blogger Linda Bustos, where we presented a playbook of test ideas and tactics you can use right away and get back in the race.

39. Beyond Landing Pages - 09/22/2009 - Conversion rate optimization strategies

Optimizing for conversion rates is often linked to landing pages – and for good reason. But we all know landing pages are just the tip of the iceberg.

In our September 16 web clinic, our research team explored how you can apply our Conversion Sequence and improve results in myriad areas, from ecommerce and shopping cart pages to lead-generation paths, homepages, and more.

If you're looking to increase ROI in several places on your site, these are the strategies that will help you get there.

40. Optimization vs. frustration - 07/22/2009 - Overcoming barriers to better tests and gains

Web marketers are running tests every day based on intuition, hunches, and test ideas that have ostensibly worked in the past.

But this all-too-common approach to testing is fraught with hazards – from validity threats and sample size issues to questionable data and analysis.
If you’re like most marketers, you’re struggling to dodge numerous testing pitfalls and implement a consistent, science-based approach to testing and optimization.

In our July 15 web clinic, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin reviewed the same research-driven testing strategies and protocol that MarketingExperiments uses to achieve the ROI gains detailed in our case studies. He also examined a recent experiment that showed how this approach yielded a 119% sales increase.

Throughout the presentation, Dr. McGlaughlin also explored:

  • the importance of cumulative testing and challenging your own hypotheses
  • using the testing cycle to discover how to motivate your prospects and customers, and
  • how to dig into your data and identify insights that will sharpen your marketing decisions.

To learn how to apply these strategies and strengthen your testing methods, view the clinic presentation: Optimization vs. frustration: Overcoming barriers to better tests and gains

41. Optimizing Your Ecommerce Site - 06/05/2009 - New research and test strategies (and a 56% revenue boost)

Here's a question most marketers are grappling with today: Which marketing strategies are getting the buzz – and which ones are getting the real gains?

To find the answers, we teamed with up MarketingSherpa's Research Director, Stefan Tornquist, for our May 27 web clinic on optimizing ecommerce sites.

Using a mix of new research and case studies, we identified tactics, channels, and test strategies that are increasing conversion rates and revenue now for a variety of companies. We also explored how you can tap into elusive sources of ROI by going the extra step with your metrics and analysis.

42. B2B Success Stories - 05/20/2009 - Four tests with gains of 21% to 254%

If we had used "638% gain" in this clinic's title, would you have believed it?

One of our featured B2B marketers actually removed that gain from his website because many prospects didn't buy it. The clients that saw the gains reported no such issues.

Our second "Success Stories" clinic put our B2B audience in the spotlight, with four new case studies showing how marketers are increasing ROI by applying the Conversion Sequence to their websites, PPC and email campaigns.

This research brief reviews those strategies and gains, includes recommendations for future tests, and distills the takeaway ideas to help you earn your own bragging rights.

43. B2C Success Stories - 05/01/2009 - Conversion strategies that produced 30-300% gains

Give a man an optimized landing page and he converts for a day.

Teach a man how to optimize his own landing pages and he can plan, make changes, test, analyze and increase conversions for years to come.

With apologies to Lao Tzu, since that same idea permeates our web clinics, workshops, and research briefs, we wanted to highlight the gains our achieved by our participants in the B2C market – and continue the cycle of learning.

44. What's working now in optimization - 04/15/2009 - New tests and a 364% gain

To stay ahead of the curve with optimization, marketers need to know what's working now — and glean strategies that they can quickly apply to their own pages and websites.

In our April 8, 2009 clinic, we took an in-depth look at 3 new tests featuring some of the most recent results from our work with partners.

The MarketingExperiments team partnered with the analysts in charge of these tests to demonstrate optimization strategies you can apply to your landing pages right away, and break down concepts that pave the way for future improvements.

45. Surprise Winners - 03/20/2009 - How "wild card" tests achieved gains up to 86%

Optimization best practices don't come with an iron-clad guarantee.

Enter the “wild card”--the unknown performance factor.

In optimization, wild cards are those outlier treatments that can, and do, surprise us by outperforming all attempts at surpassing them.

Our question: is it possible to discover transferrable principles behind these outliers and use them to enhance the performance of our own designs?

46. B2B Landing Pages - 03/03/2009 - Special Live Optimization Clinic

B2B marketers know that their audience needs a different approach than B2C, from the channels to the landing pages, and ultimately, to the sale.

So for our February 25, 2009 web clinic, we focused our live optimization contest format specifically on B2B landing pages. With guest moderator and lead-generation expert Brian Carroll, and participation from our live audience, the MarketingExperiments team analyzed an array of B2B marketing efforts.

We also awarded prizes to our top contestants and audience participants in the live clinic.

This brief distills the optimization insights from the live clinic into vital takeaways you can apply to your B2B marketing efforts.

47. B2C Landing Pages - 02/19/2009 - Special Live Optimization Clinic

Taking a cue from our clinic participants’ feedback, and heeding our own advice, we tested a “radical redesign” with our February 11, 2009 live optimization web clinic.

The focus was strictly B2C landing pages, a departure from our typical all-inclusive approach. With that audience in mind, the MarketingExperiments team also lightened up the science with a contest, live audience voting ("Optimization Idol"?), and a variety of prizes for participants.

Result? Most of the audience rated the clinic fun, informative, and highly interactive – the test was a success...

48. Email Optimization - 01/28/2009 - How to improve ROI from capture to conversion

How aggressive are your email marketing goals for the year ahead?

Are you optimistic about growing your lists and response rates, or hedging your bets due to the economic downturn?

As marketers face increasing pressure to improve ROI, email presents a quandary: It’s still a low-cost, high-return channel, but with social media, spam filtering, and other factors taking a bite, its growth potential is in question.

49. Optimizing Offer Pages - 01/16/2009 - Steps that increased conversion 148%

One of the greatest challenges to developing your offer pages is proving to jaded prospects that the rewards outweigh the risks.

But you can tip the balance in your favor.

The key is creating offer pages that minimize Friction and Anxiety and emphasize Value Proposition and Incentive.

50. Lessons Learned - 12/11/2008 - Top takeaways from our 2008 research

To discover what really works in optimization, our team is constantly running tests and conducting experiments.

After hundreds of these tests, several wins, some losses and surprises, we asked our analysts to identify the most important lessons of 2008.

Then we looked for common themes that appeared in our research with B2B, B2C, lead-gen, ecommerce, and other areas -- and distilled the list. The result?

Our December 3 clinic featured case studies and takeaways linked to three of the top challenges marketers grappled with this year.

51. Powerful Value Propositions, Part II - 11/21/2008 - Live Optimization

While our first clinic on value propositions was rooted in challenges and principles, most participants asked for even more hands-on guidance.

In our November 12, 2008 follow-up clinic, we built on the foundations of Part I and reviewed and optimized several examples submitted by clinic participants.

Those examples included strong and weak value propositions rated by our assessment matrix (and our live audience), copy and pages that had been revised following Part I, new landing page submissions, and the winner of our value proposition contest.

52. Ecommerce Holiday Playbook - 11/07/2008 - 13 ways to maximize revenue and beat the downturn

There’s been plenty of gloom, doom, and handwringing over this year’s holiday shopping season.
While your best bet is to keep projections grounded, not all hope is lost. Even in a tight economy, the Web has several advantages for shoppers, and ecommerce sites that capitalize on these will see more opportunities.
Optimizing a few key areas of your site and channels will help you increase traffic, make browsing and buying easier, and win more new and repeat customers – even beyond the holidays.

The MarketingExperiments research team has compiled this ecommerce holiday “playbook” with 13 specific practices to help you maximize your ROI in this difficult holiday season.

53. Powerful Value Propositions - 10/16/2008 - How to Optimize this Critical Marketing Element – and Lift Your Results

Do you think your value proposition is powerful? Would your prospects agree?

Most of the time, when we ask companies about their value proposition, we hear a description of their business model. But that’s not what most customers care about.

Customers not only want to know “What’s in it for me?” but “Why buy from you?”

This is an area that even seasoned marketers have trouble with, because there is so much confusion about what makes a value proposition effective - including how to find one in the first place.

Because value propositions are so important to conversion, making a few small but crucial changes can have a big impact across all of your marketing efforts.

During our September 24, 2008 clinic, we examined why value propositions are so vital to results, presented several ways to significantly improve your value proposition, and reviewed three examples from our workshop participants who optimized their pages with a greater emphasis on these areas.

54. A Proven Playbook for Growing Your Leads - 10/02/2008 - Special Clinic

Ever wonder if you’re approaching lead generation the wrong way?

You may be right. Research shows roughly 80% of leads are regularly squandered.

Good news: By optimizing a few key aspects of your lead management process, you can achieve major ROI gains in a short time (even in a shaky economy).

In our September 24, 2008 special guest web clinic, lead generation expert Brian Carroll and Dr. Flint McGlaughlin explored strategies to dramatically increase your B2B leads pipeline and conversion rate.

Carroll presented his proven five-step “playbook” for effective lead management, along with a powerful case study from a partner that applied the playbook and achieved gains of up to 375%.

55. Optimizing Headlines & Subject Lines - 09/18/2008 - Special Live Clinic

Picture the salespeople who get on your nerves. They're too loud. Too pushy. They try to seem so clever, but that usually backfires.

Just like weak headlines.

Trying too hard to sell is one of the biggest mistakes we make with headlines and subject lines. Another mistake is not consistently applying three key qualities of successful headlines: clarity, relevance, and credibility.

In our September 10, 2008 follow–up clinic on headlines, we revisited those key qualities, examined two new case studies (email and landing page), and conducted an interactive live critique of subject lines and landing page headlines submitted by attendees.

Editor's Note: You can find the first part of this two-part clinic here: Optimizing Your Headlines: How changing a few words can help (or hurt) results

56. Optimizing Headlines - 09/05/2008 - How changing a few words can help (or hurt) conversion

If you’re looking for ROI gains and you’re not sure what areas to test first, start with headlines or subject lines.

The impact of headlines on conversions is no secret, but the ease of testing (no design, coding, etc.) makes them even more valuable.

Caveat: Creating and testing effective headlines can be deceptively simple. There's much more to them than slapping a catchy subject line on an email blast, or cramming keywords into PPC ads.

The real challenge lies not only in crafting successful headlines, but using them to conduct effective tests.

The research brief below, drawn from our free Web Clinic on August 27, 2008, explores the objective and key qualities of successful headlines, presents case studies and examples of strong and weak headlines, and offers step-by-step methods you can use to test and optimize your own headlines.

57. Using Testimonials Effectively - 07/17/2008 - How credibility indicators can help (or hurt) your conversions

Are Internet users becoming indifferent to testimonials? Is “testimonial blindness” becoming the new “banner blindness”?

Skepticism toward this marketing tactic, combined with the spread of Web 2.0 style user ratings, has raised the bar for marketers. As testimonials and other credibility indicators become increasingly prevalent on Web pages, marketers need to know how to use them most effectively to help increase conversions.

In our July 9 clinic on this topic, we looked at tests that showed how testimonials can help — and sometimes hurt — results and examined strategies for making credibility indicators more powerful.

Editor’s Note: As we mentioned in the clinic, the following multivariate tests also included changes to other page elements. Our goal in sharing this research was to show that credibility indicators play a significant role in conversions — both positive and negative — based on the context in which they are applied. These tests did not isolate the specific impact of testimonials; however, the results make a strong case for additional testing and support the best practices we have identified in past experiments, as outlined in more detail below.

58. Clarity Trumps Persuasion - 07/03/2008 - How to improve results by 59% or more

Our June 25 Web Clinic looked beyond our various formulas and heuristics and focused on one vital principle: clarity trumps persuasion.

While we used case studies from three subscription sites to illustrate this deceptively simple principle, the truth is it applies equally to any type of website, email, or other marketing communication channels.

This brief examines the results of those three tests and explores how applying clarity to your site pages can increase conversion and revenue.

Editor’s Note: The clinic also featured a live optimization session. Pages were submitted in advance for a critical analysis conducted by MarketingExperiments Director, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin; Director of Optimization Research, Jimmy Ellis; and Director of Channels Research, Aaron Rosenthal.

59. Filling The Pipeline - 06/19/2008 - How a LeadGen Test Strategy Achieved an 86% Increase

Whether your market is B-to-B, B-to-C, or both, testing and optimizing even a few key aspects of your landing pages can provide major gains for your lead-gen efforts.

The principles of the MarketingExperiments Conversion Sequence serve as a guide to optimizing your pages and your sales or lead-gen process to improve conversion and ROI.

This Brief examines three tests we conducted with our research partner to demonstrate how you can use Incentives and Friction to generate more leads.

60. Simple Tests, Significant Gains - 05/29/2008 - How our partner increased revenue by 130% with small changes

Research has shown a massive difference in conversion and return on investment between companies that test their online communications and those who don’t; so why doesn’t every online business have a regular testing program?

The fact is that many marketers are confused about where to begin, and how. Some that do test don’t do it often enough, or are not sure how to interpret the results.

With so many potential areas to test, including landing pages, pay-per-click ads, and emails, marketers need to know:

  • Which tests provide the biggest potential return on investment,
  • How to structure tests for consistency and accuracy, and
  • How to continue improving test results and duplicate success.

We’ve developed a solid framework for basic online testing that’s enabled us to help many partners realize significant gains in conversion and revenue.

We hope this overview of the process helps marketers who have not yet implemented a formal program as well as those looking for such a framework to guide and improve their efforts.

For extensive training and professional certification in the fundamentals of online testing, we recommend interested marketers consider our Fundamentals of Online Testing course.

61. Optimizing eCommerce Websites - 05/15/2008 - Special Live Clinic

At MarketingExperiments, our research shows that the highest performing site pages match exactly the motivation of a visitor, and that on retail websites most visitors fall into one of two categories:
  1. Hunters. They already know what they want and are looking for the quickest, easiest, and safest way to get it and go.
  2. Browsers. They may have ideas about a purchase but need more convincing, or they’re simply “window shopping.”

The problem most online retail sites face today? Their homepages have been developed without a clear understanding of the motivations and sequences of thought in the minds of these visitors.

During our May 7, 2008, web clinic, our expert optimization team looked at homepages and Value Propositions from five eCommerce sites and made recommendations to improve those sites’ ability to stop, engage, and effectively communicate with both Hunters and Browsers.

62. Finding the Ideal Incentive - 04/11/2008 - How We Increased Email Capture by 319%

The right incentive can make a significant impact on response rates, whether it’s used to build lists and generate leads or increase online sales.

But how do you determine which incentive will overcome friction best and deliver maximum return? And which common errors should you avoid?

Even if a site or page has been 100% optimized for several factors, adding the "ideal incentive" can substantially improve results.

This brief will examine how to find the ideal incentive, and not just for the purposes of email capture.

63. Measuring What Matters - 04/23/2008 - How simplifying your metrics can increase Marketing ROI by up to 75%

Today, ROI is everything – especially in a slumping economy. Are your current metrics giving you the full story?

Probably not.

MarketingExperiments estimates that up to 75% of the data Web marketers collect are either misleading or inaccurate. And expertise with Web analytics is rare, according to our recent poll.

Most marketers remain uncertain about what to measure, whether the results are reliable, and what steps to take based on their data.

This brief covers the key steps to determining your essential metrics, with four critical elements to keep in mind. We’ve also provided a tool you can use right away to improve your marketing ROI.

64. Improving Conversion by 162% - 03/27/2008 - How to Overcome Value Inhibitors

Which specific optimization steps have been shown to increase Conversion by reducing Friction and alleviating Anxiety?

In this clinic we looked at two case studies where Landing Page elements that overcame the value inhibitors of Friction and Anxiety increased Conversion. The increase attributed to these elements in one test was 162%.

Questions our research examined:

  • How does providing more or fewer choices affect click-through and Conversion?
  • Ensuring a Landing Page is “congruent” sounds like a simple step, but what exactly does that mean?

65. Optimizing Your Landing Pages - 03/03/2008 - Part Two

This brief completes the review of Landing Pages submitted by online businesses for live optimization analysis by Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, MarketingExperiments’ Director; Jimmy Ellis, Director of Optimization Research; and Aaron Rosenthal, Director of Channels Research.

The reviews identified areas where applying key concepts of Landing Page Optimization to both B2B and B2C product, service, and subscription Web sites could result in significant improvements in conversion.

66. Optimizing Your Landing Pages - 02/14/2008 - Part One

How do you know what to change, what to keep, and what really works when it comes to optimizing a Landing Page?

Online businesses searching for answers to that question submitted their Landing Pages for a critical analysis by MarketingExperiments Director, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin; Director Of Optimization Research, Jimmy Ellis; and Director of Channels Research, Aaron Rosenthal during the February 6, 2008, MarketingExperiments Webinar.

Those who submitted Landing Pages were asked for their Value Proposition as well as the primary traffic source for the page and what optimization steps they had already taken, if any.

The reviews identified areas where applying key concepts of Landing Page Optimization to both B2B and B2C product, service, and subscription Web sites could result in significant improvements in conversion for those businesses.

67. Landing Page Optimization - 02/04/2008 - Finding Ideal Price Points

How do you know when it's better to raise prices to increase revenue or reduce prices and pump up Conversion Rate?

Price is undeniably a strong factor in the conversion decision process, but what will a price change do to your bottom line?

In this brief we will review the results of recent price tests and what they reveal about optimizing offers and increasing total revenue.

68. 2008 Internet Marketing Strategy - 01/18/2008 - Are You Prepared

We're pleased with what we've been able to share with you during 2007: research results that anyone can use to optimize Landing Pages, PPC campaigns, search, emails, and testing itself. We sincerely hope you have benefited.

In this Brief we will look back at a few highlights from 2007 and then forward to 2008 with observations, predictions, and recommendations for growing demand for your products in the coming year.

69. Marketer’s Intuition Revisited - 12/13/2007 - Is There a Place for Intuition in Web Page Optimization?

A subjective factor like intuition might alarm those basing new Web site designs on test results that discover what really works when it comes to Internet marketing. It doesn’t seem scientific.

Yet the very nature of the optimization procedure includes an element of intuition. Where does it fit when identifying the most effective Internet marketing strategy?

Previous MarketingExperiments surveys showed intuition was unreliable when it came to predicting the best page performance, the best headline, the best copy in the test cases we studied. Our survey-takers were wrong at least 50% of the time.

In the interest of updating our previous findings on marketer’s intuition, we invited those attending our December 5, 2007, Web clinic to evaluate side-by-side Web site and email optimization choices and vote on which ones they believed performed best in our tests. We then conducted a live poll of the audience, shared the tally, and reviewed the actual test results.

70. Increasing Conversion - 11/20/2007 - By 150% and Lead Gen by 2,379% with an Effective Call-to-Action

Which changes will produce the best Conversion results when optimizing a Call-to-Action? Can distinct approaches be combined to increase both sales and leads?

Previous test results have shown that a single change is typically a trade-off: It may have a negative impact on direct, immediate Conversion but if combined with an effective basket-recovery effort it will increase overall Conversion.

In this brief we’ll look at a case study in which changes to a
Call-to-Action increased direct, step-level Conversion by 150% and Lead Generation by 2,379%.

71. Landing Page Optimization - 11/05/2007 - Improving Conversion 50-60% by Applying Continuity and Congruence

Are customers getting what they expect when they reach your Landing Page, or are they receiving mixed or incomplete messages that disrupt the effective expression of Value Proposition and hurt Conversion?
After our recent clinic on Site Flow Disruption we received many requests for more information on the relationship of Continuity and Congruence and the clear communication of Value Proposition.

This brief reviews two recent case studies where improving Continuity and Congruence significantly improved Conversion for our Partners.

72. MarketingExperiments Webinar - Pt2 - 10/23/2007 - A Clinical Assessment of Your Landing Pages

In the invitation for the October 10, 2007 MarketingExperiments live Webinar, participants were offered the opportunity to submit their own Landing Pages for real-time assessment by the MarketingExperiments optimization team.

Dr. Flint McGlaughlin and optimization specialists Jimmy Ellis and Aaron Rosenthal reviewed each page, identifying areas where applying research best practices and key concepts of Landing Page Optimization could result in significant improvements in page performance for these Websites.

We asked those who submitted their sites to describe, in one or two sentences, their primary Value Proposition: Why should a customer buy from them rather than from their competitors?

73. MarketingExperiments Webinar - 10/22/2007 - A Clinical Assessment of Your Landing Pages

In the invitation for the October 10, 2007 MarketingExperiments live Webinar, participants were offered the opportunity to submit their own Landing Pages for real-time assessment by the MarketingExperiments optimization team.

Dr. Flint McGlaughlin and optimization specialists Jimmy Ellis and Aaron Rosenthal reviewed each page, identifying areas where applying research best practices and key concepts of Landing Page Optimization could result in significant improvements in page performance for these Websites.

We asked those who submitted their sites to describe, in one or two sentences, their primary Value Proposition: Why should a customer buy from them rather than from their competitors?

74. Lead Generation - 10/08/2007 - Is Your Sign-Up Process Costing You Leads and Conversions or Maximizing Them?

Are you missing sales by chasing after Conversions instead of generating leads? Is your website out of sync with your business model?

Getting prospective customers to land on your pages is just the beginning. You may need to capture leads before you develop relationships. Your products and market may benefit more from a lead-generation approach than from a direct sales strategy.

This brief shares what we discovered about Conversion and lead generation during recent optimization testing with three different research partners. The partners were from three distinct industries, but they shared at least one important characteristic.

75. Landing Page Optimization - 09/07/2007 - How Businesses Achieve Breakthrough Conversion by Synchronizing Value Proposition and Page Design

How can you avoid sending conflicting messages about your value proposition and protect your landing pages from flow disruption?

Professional marketers have long known how essential it is to have a unique and compelling value proposition and how critical it is to be able to express it concisely.

Marketers must also understand how to protect landing pages against the #1 threat to conversion: Site flow disruption.

In this clinic we will reveal how two dangerous forms of disruption—Discontinuity and Incongruence—can keep customers from responding to your value proposition.

76. Landing Page Conversion - 08/23/2007 - Getting Significant Improvements Even When You Can’t Complete Your Tests

We have all probably designed a test Webpage or offer email that we expected to dramatically outperform the control and been stunned when performance is poor or the results come back inconclusive.

What can you do to get significant improvements or learn in those situations where you actually cannot complete your test or where you have a validity issue—particularly a validity issue connected to the size of your sample?

When the differences in conversion between the control and the experimental treatments are so small that the test results don’t validate, is all that time and energy a total loss?

77. Optimization Testing Tested: - 08/13/2007 - Validity Threats Beyond Sample Size

It’s the nightmare scenario for any analyst or executive: Making what seems to be the right decision, only to find out it was based on false data.

Through online optimization testing, we try to discover which webpage or email message will perform best...

But is sample size the only factor that should be considered when assessing the validity of test results?

78. Creating Effective Incentives - 07/16/2007 - The Science of the Art

We are all familiar with the concept of using incentives, such as product discounts, free gifts, or free shipping to boost sales.

However, rarely have we done the kind of research that allows us to think through the true principles and the mathematics of developing highly effective incentives——that is, ones that result in the maximum profit at the end of the day.

In this clinic, we will combine foundational marketing and business principles with recent research findings to explore a simple but effective way to track down your “ideal incentive” using the two key concepts of Perceived Value Differential (PVD) and Return on Incentive (ROIc).

79. Landing Page Optimization Tested - 06/27/2007 - Big Conversion Gains from a Little Scissors & Grease?

When prospective customers arrive at a website, they come with a specific intention or motivation. They may have come simply to browse or out of curiosity or by mistake. However, many come with the intention of making a purchase. For those prospects, it is the efficacy of the website’s purchase funnel——the pages that make up the buying process——that determine whether the visitor becomes a customer or merely a statistic.

80. Landing Page Confusion - 05/21/2007 - How Does Having More Than One Objective to a Page Affect its Performance?

Which will perform better, a landing page that has one clear objective or one that has multiple objectives?

As marketers, we are continually faced with the dilemma of determining what to show customer prospects when they arrive at our sites.

Should we present them with just one offer or option, or give them several and let them choose?

81. Landing Page Optimization Tested - 05/09/2007 - How To Create “Sticky” Landing Pages

We examine research findings to discover what factors reduce “bounce” rate and keep visitors continuing through the conversion “funnel.”

We looked at what determines whether people who arrive on a business-oriented landing page will move forward on the site or “bounce” to a competitor’s.

The factors and principles indentified are the collective product of research conducted over many months across a broad spectrum of products and industries.

82. Online Ads Tested - 03/27/2007 - How Matching Ad Design to Context Improved Conversion by 127%

Content (contextual) advertising has become a staple of paid search advertising. In fact, in 2006 marketers spent an estimated $2.5B on content ads.

But what do we know about how to create the best ads?

83. Optimizing Site Design - 03/14/2007 - Increase Conversion by Reducing the Technology Barrier

The architecture we use to manage our business may not be the same structure we should use to market it. Our business is to serve our customers, make it easy for them to get what they want, and create an image of class and competence that elicits goodwill.

84. Optimizing Site Design - 02/21/2007 - Eight Ways to Increase Site Conversion by Reducing Customer Anxiety

Many online services offer a free trial as their primary incentive to attract new subscribers.

Generally, a free trial offer works well.

The research for this brief began with the question:

How does customer anxiety impact conversion?

85. 2007 Merchandising Calendar - 01/09/2007 - What are the major online retail seasons and how can you take advantage of them?
  1. What are the major retail seasons and how do they affect your marketing?
  2. How can you take advantage of seasonal fluctuations? (11 key practices)

86. Optimizing Free Trial Offers - 12/15/2006 - Can copy and design changes alone significantly lift the performance of free trial offer pages?

Many online services offer a free trial as their primary incentive to attract new subscribers.

Generally, a free trial offer works well.

However, this led us to ask the question, "If free trial offers work well, does their success make us complacent about the effectiveness of the offer pages or pathways we are using right now?"

87. Can Viral Video Clips Drive Targeted Traffic? - 11/14/2006 - Can viral video clips drive targeted traffic to your web site?

The amateurs publish their video clips for fun and notoriety, and the professionals produce and publish them in order to drive traffic to their web sites and sell more of their products or services.

Tens of millions of people watch these short videos, but how effective are they at driving qualified traffic to web sites?

88. Testing the Power of Urgency on Offer Pages - 08/18/2006 - How to increase conversion rates with real and implied Urgency.

In the world of offline direct mail it has long been understood that creating urgency increases conversion rates. Typically a special offer of some kind will expire on a particular date.

Is the same true of the web?

Do expiry dates or warnings about limited supplies actually work?

And if so, is there a best way to express urgency, and are there pitfalls to avoid?

89. Essential Metrics for Online Marketers - 07/19/2006 - How to create a simple metrics dashboard to track what really matters.

In this brief we cut through the clutter and show you how to:

  1. Understand where and how your current metrics could be misleading and result in flawed marketing decisions.
  2. Identify and track the metrics which are essential to reducing your costs and increasing your revenues.
  3. Use a simple, Essential Metrics Dashboard that will enable you to track the metrics that are most important to achieving your goals.

90. Optimizing Landing Pages 2006 - Pt.2 - 06/13/2006 - How a follow-up test delivered an additional 39% increase in conversions.

We applied the Marketing Experiments Variable Cluster Testing Methodology. In this way we were able to test multiple variables with a single factorial "A/B Split Testing" test design.

91. Website Conversion Erosion - 06/09/2006 - When conversion rates from optimized pages start to decline.

After achieving high conversions from an optimized landing or offer page, after a few weeks or months it is not unusual to see a slow but steady decline in conversion rates.

What causes the performance of optimized pages to decline over time? And what can be done to slow down or halt this erosion?

92. Site Headlines Tested - 05/25/2006 - How optimizing your headlines can improve your website's conversion rate by 73% or more.

In the world of direct mail it is well known that a minor change in a headline can have a significant impact on response rates.

But what about the web?

  • What kind of impact can a headline have on page conversion rates?
  • To get a significant difference in results, do you have to write completely different headlines? Or can a small change to a headline make a disproportionate difference?
  • And are there any rules or guidelines to follow when writing different headlines to test?

93. Optimizing Landing Pages 2006 - 05/23/2006 - How making changes to a few key elements can increase landing page conversions by 40% or more.

The need to build campaign-specific landing pages is now widely accepted. However, what is not so widely understood is how to build landing pages that deliver.

In our most recent research we addressed the broad question: Which changes to my landing pages will deliver the greatest increase in conversion rates?

94. In Search of a Value Proposition - 04/25/2006 - If you had just ten words with which to describe why people should buy your company's products or service, what would you say? of the key indicators of a strong value proposition is that it lends itself to being articulated simply, clearly and very briefly.

  • But what is a value proposition?
  • Why is it important to your business?
  • How can you "find one" for your business?
  • And can an existing company find a new value proposition?

95. The Power of Small Changes Tested - 03/21/2006 - How minor changes to your website can have a major impact on your conversion rate.

Here is the question we asked ourselves: In our focus to maximize increases in conversion rates by completely changing key site pages, are we ignoring the potential of small changes?

96. Optimizing Subscription Pathways Tested - 03/15/2006 - How simplifying the sign-up process can result in a dramatic increase in the number of subscribers to your newsletters or subscription services.

What is your conversion rate of visitors to subscribers? Are you leaving money on the table? Our own testing suggests you may well be.

We conducted a number of tests, with one research partner who wanted to increase their newsletter subscriber list, and with two others who wanted to increase sales of their subscription-based publications.

In both cases...

97. The MEC 2006 Marketing Blueprint in Practice - 03/03/2006 - Case Histories and Success Stories

98. Marketer's Intuition Tested - 01/30/2006 - While intuition may reward us with breakthrough ideas, it often fails us when it comes to identifying the most effective text and design for our ads, emails, and web pages.
  • Can your intuition and experience tell you which advertisement headline will result in the most click-throughs?
  • Can intuition tell you which email subject line will result in the highest open rates?
  • Can intuition tell you which web page design will give you the best ROI?


99. Multivariable Testing - 12/29/2005 - How testing multiple changes simultaneously can save you time, speed up your optimization schedule, and increase your profits.

However, multivariable (or multivariate) testing allows you to test many changes simultaneously – five, ten, or even twenty. You'll still get accurate results, without having to increase your total sample size, and you will be able to identify the impact of each individual change.

But how does multivariate testing work? Is it reliable? How does it stack up next to A/B testing?

100. The Compounding Effect of Micro–Gains Tested - 12/14/2005 - How small performance increases in PPC, landing page conversions, completed sales, and more combine to deliver big improvements in revenue.

Does a 5% increase in click-through from a PPC ad sound disappointing?

On its own, that 5% may not amount to much.

But what if you also achieved the same 5% improvement in landing page conversion rates, completed sales, increased lifetime value, and other improvements to your site and marketing efforts?

101. Profit from Inbound Customer Service Tested - 11/28/2005 - Do you view inbound customer service calls as an unfortunate expense, and take steps to minimize them? If so, you may be surprised to hear that our testing shows

The bottom line? At the end of our test, the calls received resulted in the generation of additional income.

Yes, you can make money by actually ENCOURAGING web site users to pick up the phone and call you.

102. Price Testing - 10/27/2005 - Do you know how to price your products or services to achieve the highest revenues?

Which will generate the most revenue? A lower price that drives more traffic and buyers? Or a higher price that may attract fewer buyers, but deliver more income per sale?

Our testing tells us that the answer to those questions is: "It depends."

103. Domain/Product Name Testing - 10/10/2005 - Our testing demonstrated that choosing product, service, or domain names based on what you "like" can cost you dearly.

104. A/B Split Testing - 08/16/2005 - How to use A/B Split Testing to Increase Conversion Rates, Challenge Assumptions and Solve Problems

105. Conversion Rate Optimization Tested - 07/29/2005 - How our test site improved its overall conversion rate by 41.8%

106. Shopping Cart Recovery Tested - 07/12/2005 - How we refined our email messaging to achieve a 263% increase in the recovery of abandoned carts

107. Free Trial Offers Tested - 04/12/2005 - How our test site reduced its cost-per-acquisition by nearly 40%

108. Page Weight Tested - 01/11/2005 - How to dramatically lower load times and increase conversion using 10+ proven techniques

109. Online Competitive Analysis Tested - 01/05/2005 - How analyzing your competitors can identify your strengths and weaknesses and strengthen your bottom line

110. Customer Ratings Tested - 11/29/2004 - How our test site increased its conversion rate by nearly 100% by focusing on customer ratings

111. Subscription Revenue Tested - 11/22/2004 - How our test site optimized subscription revenue by adding quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscription options

112. Long Copy vs. Short Copy Tested - 09/10/2004 - How our micro-testing increased conversion rate by more than 100%

113. Configurator Tested - 08/12/2004 - How the use of a Configurator enabled our test site to achieve an 11.74% conversion rate through its primary order path

114. Landing Pages Tested - 07/15/2004 - How Optimizing Our Test Site's Landing Page Increased Sales Revenue by 31.5%

115. Online Conferences Tested - 05/20/2004 - How Utilizing Online/Phone Conferences Can Enhance Your Online Publishing or Retail Offering

116. Ideal Subscription Path Tested - 04/08/2004 - How Implementing an Improved Subscription Path for an Online Content Offering Increased the Monthly Revenue of our Test Site by 14.74%

117. Offer Pricing Tested - 02/20/2004 -  How to test and optimize your pricing

118. Offer Pricing Tested – Literature Review - 02/20/2004 - How to test and optimize your pricing

119. Shipping Charges Tested - 01/19/2004 - How to Use Shipping Charges as a Marketing Tactic

120. Website Awards Tested - 01/02/2004 - How to Improve Your Conversion Ratio with a Methodical Campaign to Win Strategic Awards

121. Website Awards Tested - Literature Review - 01/02/2004 - How to Improve Your Conversion Ratio with A Methodical Campaign to Win Strategic Awards

122. Abandoned Order Recovery Tested - 11/25/2003 - How Our Test Site Leveraged the Power of Email to Save 4000 Orders

123. Affiliate Marketing Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 10/05/2003 - How Our Test Site Achieved $6.5 Million in Sales with Just 50 Active Affiliates.

124. Affiliate Marketing Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 10/05/2003 - How Our Test Site Achieved $6.5 Million in Sales with Just 50 Active Affiliates.

125. Transparent Marketing Tested - 06/01/2003 - The following sales copy is excerpted from the Altoona Tribune. Just how effective do you think it could be? Is it persuasive? What is your instant reaction to the tone of the message?

126. Web Metrics Pt. 2 Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 05/05/2003 - How To Convert Your Metrics Into Smart Marketing Decisions.

127. Web Metrics Pt. 2 Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 05/05/2003 - How To Convert Your Metrics Into Smart Marketing Decisions.

128. Web Metrics Pt.1 Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 02/05/2003 - We test 26 different web metrics tools to determine the simplest, most accurate way to capture the numbers you need.

129. Web Metrics Pt 1 Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 02/05/2003 - We test 26 different web metrics tools to determine the simplest, most accurate way to capture the numbers you need.

130. Site Design 2 Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 01/05/2002 -  How can we improve the effectiveness of our home page?

131. Site Design 2 Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 01/05/2002 - How can we improve the effectiveness of our home page?

132. Update - The Order Process Tested - 12/20/2001 - How can you increase your sales by improving your completed sales ratio?

133. Site Design 1 Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 12/05/2001 - How can we improve the effectiveness of our home page?

134. Site Design 1 Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 12/05/2001 - How can we improve the effectiveness of our home page?

135. The Order Process Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 09/05/2001 - How can you increase your sales by improving your completed sales ratio?

136. The Order Process Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 09/05/2001 - How can you increase your sales by improving your completed sales ratio?

137. Site Compatibility Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 08/05/2001 - We test 5 web sites on 14 different computer systems and discover how to improve our conversion ratio by 42% without changing a single word of copy.

138. Site Compatibility Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 08/05/2001 - We test 5 web sites on 14 different computer systems and discover how to improve our conversion ratio by 42% without changing a single word of copy.

139. Generating Revenue With An Ezine Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 06/05/2001 - We test 3 Different Approaches For Converting Free Subscribers To Paying Customers

140. Generating Revenue With An Ezine Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 06/05/2001 - We test 3 Different Approaches For Converting Free Subscribers To Paying Customers