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Incorporating Video in Your Mobile Strategy: 2 key principles that helped one company boost mobile conversion by over 50%

Wednesday, Mar. 18, 2015
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Response Capture, Inc


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MarketingExperiments is a research laboratory with a simple (but not easy) seven-word mission statement: To discover what really works in optimization. We focus all of our experimentation on optimizing marketing communications. To that end we test every conceivable approach and we publish the results (at no charge) in the MarketingExperiments Journal (subscribe).

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Email Marketing: Top 5 effective list growth tactics
March 2nd, 2015
Email Marketing: Top 5 effective list growth tactics
List growth is a marketing goal for 63% of email marketers. With hundreds of tactics out there, where do you begin? Read on for five tactics reported as most effective by your peers.
Email Lists: How sweepstakes work for CNET [Live from #SherpaEmail]
February 26th, 2015
Email Lists: How sweepstakes work for CNET [Live from #SherpaEmail]
We're reporting live this week from MarketingSherpa Email Summit in Las Vegas, sharing with you all the strategies and tactics you'll need to excel in email in 2015 (and beyond). Read on to hear about Diana Primeau, Director of Member Services, CNET, and how she effectively uses sweepstakes to build her lists for the brand. The key is to not simply rely on a contest to gain a list boost; marketers must provide an enriching and relevant experience to keep new users engaged for the long term.
Live from Email Summit: Two tactics to reduce perceived cost in your email capture forms
February 23rd, 2015
Live from Email Summit: Two tactics to reduce perceived cost in your email capture forms
In this live blog post from the MarketingSherpa Email Summit held at the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, learn about reducing perceived cost when capturing email addresses via a registration form. Read about and see the results of three different tests on registration forms, including reducing the number of fields, reducing the required fields and changing the location of the form on the website.

See How Our Web Clinics Are Produced

Recent Research (presented on a Live Web Clinic)

Free Internet Marketing ReportIncreasing User Engagement
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2015-02-19
Increasing User Engagement: How one company tested its site navigation and increased clickthrough by over 35%
For many organizations, site engagement is one of the most effective indicators of quantifiable conversion potential that is monitored by analytics.

What if you could more effectively influence visitors’ actions on your website?

In this Web clinic replay, our research team will reveal three proven tactics that can boost engagement on your website as well as a case study demonstrating how one company tested navigation structures, resulting in a 35% increase in clickthrough rate increase.
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Free Internet Marketing ReportSpecial Live Optimization Session (with Flint McGlaughlin)
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2015-01-22
Special Live Optimization Session (with Flint McGlaughlin): The top discoveries from 2014 (over 300 tests) applied to your pages
At the crossroad in a customer’s mind between "yes" and "no," elements on your page propel him toward his ultimate decision.

However, are the pieces on your site leading your customer down a path that is favorable to you and your business?

In this Web clinic replay, Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director and CEO, MECLABS Institute, explains which parts of websites impact a customer’s decision making strategy, and he also identifies components through audience-submitted pages during live optimization.
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Free Internet Marketing ReportMaximizing Subscription Revenue
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-12-18
Maximizing Subscription Revenue: How 3 businesses increased their subscription revenue by discovering the optimal pricing strategy
Determining the optimal price point of a subscription product is no easy task. Customers are inundated with subscription choices in the marketplace, making your asking price vital to your success.

At the same time, marketers in subscription business models are under pressure to price products that deliver value and drive ROI.

In this Web clinic replay, Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS Institute, will share three case studies demonstrating how each company increased subscription revenue through testing and optimization.
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Free Internet Marketing ReportOptimizing Subscription Paths
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-10-16
Optimizing Subscription Paths: Recent research reveals a radical webpage redesign that produced a 173% lift in customer response
Designing the subscription path of your site is not a trivial matter. Often, minor elements are overlooked that stop a potential subscriber in their tracks and causes them to fall out of the sales funnel.

However, with testing, planning and research, a subscription path can be optimized using a few key principles that transform the customer experience.

In this Web clinic replay, the research team identifies transferable principles from a recent experiment that you can apply to your own subscription process to increase conversion.
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Free Internet Marketing ReportOptimizing PPC Campaigns
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-09-18
Optimizing PPC Campaigns: Simple copy changes that increased clickthrough rate by 289% (and more)
How do you effectively market your product, service or company in 130 characters or less? Each word and character must work toward communicating value in a PPC ad, as these ads directly compete with those around them.

But when just one word fails to resonate with the customer, PPC ads fail as a whole. How do you craft a PPC ad that a potential customer will click?

In this Web clinic replay, the research team shares two key principles from several real-world examples that you can use to optimize your own PPC ads.
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Free Internet Marketing ReportLeveraging Content to Generate Leads
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-08-21
Leveraging Content to Generate Leads: 3 simple tactics one company used to achieve a 96% increase in leads
Producing content takes a lot of dedication, time and resources. Valuable content invites your audience to get to know your company and products in a more personal and in-depth way.

But when marketers generate content with company logic, it often falls flat with the customer and the conversation ends before it even began. How do you produce content that your ideal customer actually wants to engage with?

In this Web clinic replay, the research team gleaned three observations from a recent experiment that you can apply to content presentation on your site to increase lead generation.
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Free Internet Marketing ReportProduct Pages Tested
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-06-26
Product Pages Tested: How carefully pinpointing customer anxiety led to a 78% increase in conversion
Product pages are often the heart and soul of an ecommerce website. It’s where you showcase products and initiate a conversation with customers that guides them to convert. However, there are elements on your product pages that can potentially have a deep impact on customer behavior by quickly turning conversation into concern.

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn about three key principles you can use to identify and reduce customer anxiety.
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Free Internet Marketing ReportDoes Green Marketing Really Work?
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-06-05
Does Green Marketing Really Work? What a recent experiment uncovered about the true psychological impact of an eco-conscious marketing campaign
"Going green" has become a prevalent part of marketing strategies as marketers work to reach a new eco-conscious customer base with their products and services. However, do green marketing tactics really have an impact on customer purchases?

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn more about the measurable impact of green marketing on customer behavior.
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Free Internet Marketing ReportOptimizing Web Forms
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-05-22
Optimizing Web Forms: How one company generated 226% more leads from a complex Web form (without significantly reducing fields)
Lead generation is a delicate balance between generating a high quantity of leads, but also high-quality leads. So how can we capture more leads across our Web forms without significantly reducing the quality of those leads?

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn about a recent experiment that revealed how some minor changes to form fields can increase response from your prospects.
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Free Internet Marketing ReportMarketing Multiple Products
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-05-01
(Watch Listen)
Marketing Multiple Products: How radical thinking about a multi-product offer led to a 70% increase in conversion
Marketing with multiple products can be difficult. Even the most powerful products can be overshadowed by clutter of less impactful – and sometimes competing – products on a landing page.

But what if there was a way to think about multi-product marketing that could maximize the impact of the whole?

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn about a recent experiment with an independent vitamin manufacturer that revealed how changing your approach to multi-product marketing can increase user engagement – and more importantly, conversion.
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Free Internet Marketing ReportHow to Achieve a 232% Lift
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-04-17
(Watch Listen)
How to Achieve a 232% Lift: The repeatable methodology one company used to generate a significant lift
Form is not as important as substance, and discovering the right value proposition is the most effective lever marketers can pull when optimizing webpages. Considering the entire mental impact of each button, "ask" and element of friction when testing is critical for understanding the customer conversation and achieving positive results.

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn about a recent experiment that revealed how changes in strategy can garner significant, repeatable results – a 232% lift for one company alone.
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Free Internet Marketing ReportLead Nurturing Tested
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-04-03
(Watch Listen)
Lead Nurturing Tested: New research reveals how slight script tweaks increased response by 31%
Teleprospecting can require some sales departments to make a high volume of calls each day to convert leads. To do this with any consistency, those teams likely use a call script to help them stay consistent and focused throughout the constant dialing. But are these scripts really effective for moving prospects from conversation to conversion?

Watch this Web clinic replay to learn more about a recent experiment that revealed how some minor changes to call scripts can increase response from your prospects.
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Free Internet Marketing ReportThe Most Effective Calls-to-Action
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-03-20
(Watch Listen)
The Most Effective Calls-to-Action: 5 principles discovered for increasing customer response
The call-to-action is one of the most vital elements in your marketing. Consequently, when you think for a moment about the current calls-to-action on your main offer pages, how can you be sure they are generating enough customer response?

What if there were some slight modifications you could make to your CTA copy, placement, size and color to experience a significant increase in response?

Watch this Web clinic replay for the results from a recent experiment where calls-to-action were put to the test.
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