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Landing Page Optimization

1. See the Research in Action - 09/26/2012 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2012-09-19
See the Research in Action: Dr. McGlaughlin personally optimizes your landing pages
Generating more revenue from your pages and paths takes more than learning optimization theory. It requires you to apply that theory to your own particular situation. Watch this special live optimization Web clinic replay to learn valuable insights into how you can repair your leaking pages.

2. 263% Higher Conversion Rate - 08/29/2012 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2012-08-28
263% Higher Conversion Rate: How reducing anxiety helped one company improve conversion rate three-fold
Anxiety is causing your website to leak revenue. And, until you can plug those leaks, any amount of traffic you drive there will have a negligible ROI. Watch this Web clinic replay to learn three techniques you can use to overcome anxiety in the minds of visitors to your website.

3. Quick Win Clinic (Part I) - 05/02/2012 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2012-05-03
Quick Win Clinic (Part I): The 5 easiest changes to make to your landing pages right now
There are essentially two ways to increase your websiteís performance:
  1. Endlessly drive more traffic to your landing pages with media buys, direct mail sends and time-consuming social media
  2. Improve the conversion rate of the traffic you're already getting
Since many marketers struggle with getting budget for driving traffic, this clinic will help you increase your website performance with five easy changes you can make to your landing pages for a quick win.

4. Hidden Friction - 03/22/2012 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2012-03-22
Hidden Friction: The 6 silent killers of conversion
Friction in a Web conversion process generally seems easy to point out if you’re an experienced marketer.
There are always:
  • The number of form fields
  • The number of steps in a process
  • The length of the page itself
But there are several other elements of friction that are significantly more difficult to detect and pose a serious threat to your conversion rate

5. Minor Changes, Major Lifts - 03/01/2012 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2012-02-27
Minor Changes, Major Lifts: How headline and call-to-action optimization increased conversion 45%
One of the best ways to get around IT and budget challenges is to optimize small and relatively simple areas of your website. In this Web clinic replay, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin answered the essential question every marketer asks at some point in their career:

How can I get the greatest amount of return on the least amount of optimization investment?

6. Optimization Researched - 05/25/2011 - Itís one thing to talk about landing page optimization and another thing entirely to execute.

Thatís one of the key findings in Boris Grinkotís new Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report. Drawing from his report, Boris and Daniel Burstein (Director of Editorial Content) walk marketers through the process of making the business case for optimization.

7. Shopping Carts Optimized - 04/28/2011 - How a few tweaks led to 12% more revenue across an entire ecommerce Website

Whether your company offers 10 or 10,000 products online, the shopping cart can be one of the most mysterious and difficult areas of your Website to optimize. How many shopping carts steps are optimal for conversion? What information should be required of customers? What product information should be revealed and when? Which incentives are the most effective?