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Responsive Design Tested
Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What a recent experiment reveals about the potential ROI of mobile design

Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Topic: Responsive Design Tested: What a recent experiment reveals about the potential ROI of mobile design

For marketers in the field, making their sites responsive is a huge resource investment.

After all, users should be able to view your website on their various devices with minimal effort, right?

But is responsive design worth the investment?

One group of marketers at a large news media organization decided that relying on expert opinion alone wasn’t enough. They decided to do some testing before allocating resources into a responsive design project.

In this Web clinic, Austin McCraw, Senior Editorial Analyst, and Jon Powell, Senior Manager of Research and Strategy, both of MECLABS, revealed the results of a recent experiment that put responsive design to the test.

Austin and Jon also shared three transferrable key principles that attempt to answer some of the tough questions surrounding responsive design.

Here is some feedback from the live audience of the Web clinic:

Mobile-friendly design is currently what I'm trying to steer my organization towards, so this was very helpful. – Samantha

A little less conversation and more delivery of information for such a short webinar would help. – Laura

The breakdown of response by device was really helpful. – Mark

View the free on-demand clinic replay, or listen to the audio recording (mp3), to learn more from Austin and Jon about how you can discover what really works in testing and optimization.

Listen to an audio replay of the presentation:

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Austin McCraw
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