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"Your emails and website provide the common sense that we often leave at the door to the office."

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"I often change small things across many pages as MarketingExperiments gets me thinking about how to increase the straighforwardness of my pages for the visitor."

Amanda Schaner
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Home Science Tools

"The live web clinics are very humbling. I think we're doing a pretty good job. But every time I attend, I realize we could do things much better for our clients. I consider MarketingExperiments my encyclopedia, and parrot the principles I learn every chance I get."

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Co-Founder and Chief Response Officer
Response Capture, Inc


Search Optimization

1. Boost Your Online Ads - 01/27/2016 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2016-01-27
Boost Your Online Ads: Strengthen your value proposition by focusing on your "Only-Factor"
35-minute live web clinic replay

As marketers, we should constantly strive to reassess and strengthen our core value proposition. And perhaps no two aspects of a strong value proposition are more important than 1) appeal and 2) exclusivity. Appeal is what makes our customers say "I want this," and exclusivity is what makes them say, "I can only get this from you."

While both of these variables are important, it is their point of intersection – the powerful "Only-Factor" between appeal and exclusivity -- that truly propels our prospects to click on our ads.

Watch the full, 35-minute video replay to discover how to identify and leverage your own "Only-factor." And see tests that best illustrate the power of this principle, including one test that led to a 74% increase in response.

2. Optimizing PPC Campaigns - 09/17/2014 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2014-09-18
Optimizing PPC Campaigns: Simple copy changes that increased clickthrough rate by 289% (and more)
How do you effectively market your product, service or company in 130 characters or less? Each word and character must work toward communicating value in a PPC ad, as these ads directly compete with those around them.

But when just one word fails to resonate with the customer, PPC ads fail as a whole. How do you craft a PPC ad that a potential customer will click?

In this Web clinic replay, the research team shares two key principles from several real-world examples that you can use to optimize your own PPC ads.

3. SEO Landing Pages - 10/20/2011 -
MarketingExperiments Web Clinic 2011-10-20
SEO Landing Pages: How we achieved 548% more conversions without damaging organic rankings
Landing page optimization and search engine optimization are two completely different entities. While optimizing to convince a human to take an action – such as buy, or fill out a lead form – can clearly increase your conversions, what effect will it have on those computerized spiders that visit your site and determine your SERP ranking?

4. Optimizing PPC Ads - 01/26/2011 - How to leverage the full potential of 130 characters by clarifying the value proposition

Competition for a customer’s attention has been a roaming battle throughout the years. Newspapers. Radio. TV. But today, the front lines are in online search. As reported by our sister company MarketingSherpa, forecasts on the spending for search advertisement alone will break the $25 billion mark for the first time in 2011. But spending lots of money is never enough when it comes to gaining your customer’s attention. For as bad as an economy may be, you will never be the only one spending money to speak to your customers -- especially in the case of PPC.

5. Technology Blind Spots - 05/27/2010 - How human insight revealed a hidden (and almost missed) 31% gain

As the recent "flash crash" on Wall Street shows, entrusting important business decisions solely to technology can lead to disastrous results. If humans had been involved, would the market have dropped so steeply? Would a human have been able to tell that Accenture was likely worth more than one penny per stock? Likely so.

6. Affiliate Marketing - 09/08/2009 - Tests and tactics that increased clicks and leads by 165%

How can affiliate marketing help you generate more traffic, leads and sales? What steps should merchants, affiliates and networks take to increase their ROI?

Inspired by takeaways from Affiliate Summit and past MarketingExperiments affiliate clinics, we looked at ways that all involved can avoid or overcome common pitfalls and build more successful programs.

During the August 26 clinic, Director of Channels Aaron Rosenthal and Senior Analyst Robert Reynard explored:

  • Research on what is and isn't working today
  • Tests and experiments with gains of up to 165%
  • Do's and don'ts for merchants, networks and affiliates

7. Optimizing PPC campaigns to boost conversions, ROI - 08/04/2009 -

With increased pressure to make the most of every marketing dollar, many marketers are taking a hard look at how their PPC efforts are – or are not – delivering now.

Beyond ad copy and keywords, research shows that optimizing for post-click conversions not only helps you combat rising keyword bids and competition, but also provides the strongest ROI.

You can significantly improve results without increasing costs – and in many cases, dramatically reduce costs – with the right PPC campaign strategies in place.

In our July 29 web clinic, we reviewed a recent PPC experiment, outlined five key ways to optimize PPC campaigns, and applied those methods to ads and landing pages submitted by our audience for a live optimization review.

Our research analyst, Corey Trent, also explained how keyword insertion, value propositions, display URLs, relevance and related factors can help you produce greater gains.

To learn how to apply these strategies to your own ads and pages, view the clinic presentation: Optimizing PPC campaigns to boost conversions, ROI

8. How to improve your SEO clicks and conversions - 07/02/2009 -

Organic search results not only attract far more clicks than PPC ads, they’re also seen as more credible.

Locking in a top-five spot in Google is where you want your site to be – front and center with targeted prospects. Of course, every other marketer is gunning for the same result.

Good news: Your pages may be closer to those high-ranking spots than you think.

For our June 24 web clinic, we invited special guest Paul Taylor to discuss five key SEO factors and show how applying them to real sites from our audience can increase targeted traffic and, ultimately, lift your conversions.

9. Optimizing PPC Ads Part II - 08/22/2008 - Special Live Clinic

Our August 13, 2008 follow–up clinic on PPC campaigns included a new case study, a review of the two types of relevance, and a live critique of five new campaigns submitted by clinic participants.

The pay–per–click ads and landing pages reviewed by our optimization team once again included a cross–section of markets: B2B, B2C, eCommerce, lead–gen and social media.

As before, the objective of these live critiques was to help marketers determine what changes to test using real campaigns. The team of Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Jimmy Ellis, and Aaron Rosenthal demonstrated how the MarketingExperiments Conversion Sequence can be used to identify obstacles to conversion, and optimize campaigns for greater ROI.

10. Optimizing PPC Ads - 08/08/2008 - Special Live Clinic

Increasing competition and bid prices are making conversions harder to achieve with paid search campaigns. To maintain a dominant position in PPC, you need to constantly improve your ads and landing pages.

The challenge: How can you determine what changes to test, what to keep, and what really works when optimizing a paid search campaign?

During our July 30, 2008, web clinic, our optimization team reviewed pay-per-click ads and landing pages from a cross-section of markets: eCommerce, lead-gen, B2B, and B2C. All information was from real campaigns submitted by clinic attendees.

The goal of this clinic was to demonstrate how the MarketingExperiments Conversion Sequence can be used to identify obstacles to conversion, and examine best practices, tests and strategies that would help these and other campaigns improve their ROI.

The clinic also included a case study from a former optimization workshop participant who used these same principles and strategies to improve a PPC campaign's conversions by 300% while reducing cost-per-conversions by 69%.

Editor's Note: You can find the second part of this two-part clinic here: Optimizing PPC Ads: Improving results from your paid search ads and landing pages (Part 2 of 2)

11. PPC Advertising - 07/26/2007 - The Relevance of Relevance

How important is PPC relevance and how can you manipulate it to your advantage while maintaining a positive ROI?

Anyone who has set up or managed a paid search campaign can testify that there is an art form involved in realizing the full potential of every advertising dollar.

12. Harnessing Social Media — Web 2.0 Grows Up — Free Internet Traffic - 06/14/2007 - Is there such a thing as “Free” Traffic on the internet?

Over the course of 12 months, our researchers used social media optimization (SMO) and Google paid search to drive traffic.

Find out how we generated over 1400% better ROI using SMO to drive over 90,000 targeted clicks to our websites.

13. Small PPC Search Engines Revisited - 12/01/2006 - Can online marketers achieve a worthwhile return on investment with smaller PPC engines like Kanoodle, Miva and others?

Two years ago we conducted a study of small PPC engines to find out whether they offered online marketers a profitable opportunity to generate more sales.

At that time our research indicated that these smaller engines could indeed generate significant additional revenues.

Today, two years later, ...

... the final results may suprise you.

14. The ROI on PPC vs. Affiliate Marketing - 08/25/2006 - Which gives the best return on your investment - Pay per Click advertising, or building strong affiliate partnerships?

Building and maintaining strong PPC campaigns is becoming increasingly difficult in what has become a very competitive marketplace.

At the same time, many companies report poor performance with their affiliate programs.

The question we asked ourselves is this:...

15. Click Fraud Detection - 05/11/2006 - How difficult is it to detect click fraud on your own website?

Are there ways to combat click fraud when running PPC campaigns? Is it possible to minimize the chances of being targeted? And how can you find out if you have already been paying for fraudulent clicks?

Suspecting we had been a victim of click fraud ourselves, we set out to answer these questions and share our findings.

16. 90-Day PPC Plan Tested - 08/23/2005 - How to use pay-per-click (PPC) search campaigns to boost website traffic and maximize profits from day one.

17. Click Fraud - Our research - 06/30/2005 - Our research indicates that as much as 30% of paid search traffic may be fraudulent.

This research brief will answer the following questions:

What is click fraud?
How significant is the problem of click fraud?
How do you avoid click fraud?

18. PPC Ad Copy Tested - 06/22/2005 - This research brief will answer the following questions:
  1. How do you determine the best ad copy for your business?
  2. What are the most important practices to keep in ...

19. Linking Strategies Tested - 10/18/2004 - How to generate abundant incoming links using our 20+ proven strategies

20. Avoiding Unprofitable PPC Campaigns Tested - 10/06/2004 - How Data Analysis, Bidding Strategies, and 26 Proven Techniques Can Prevent Lost Revenue on Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

21. Dynamic Web Pages Tested - 09/22/2004 - How our test site had a total of 70,000+ dynamic web pages indexed by four crawling search engines

22. PPC for Subscription Sites Tested - 06/24/2004 - Previous MEC reports have focused on pay-per-click (PPC) search engines, both large and small. You will find these reports listed at the end of this brief.

23. Natural Search Engines Tested - 06/17/2004 - How Using Our 20 Techniques Can Increase Your Site Traffic by 43% and Lower Your Per-Click Fees by 29%

24. Google AdWords Tested, Part 2 - 05/13/2004 - New Insights From Our Sustained Testing of the Google AdWords

25. Google AdSense Tested - 04/22/2004 - How Our Test Site Generated Over 60 Million Impressions in a Four-Month Test

26. Small PPC Engines Tested - 03/25/2004 - How Moving Beyond Google and Overture Can Increase Your Gross Sales by 15-20%

27. Google PageRank Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 07/05/2003 - How our test site derived 90 percent of its traffic from Google, and reduced its cost per click by 43 percent.

28. Google PageRank Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 07/05/2003 - How our test site derived 90 percent of its traffic from Google, and reduced its cost per click by 43 percent.

29. DealTime Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 12/05/2002 - We tested 15,000 products and achieve a conversion ratio of 13%.

30. DealTime Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 12/05/2002 - We tested 15,000 products and achieve a conversion ratio of 13%.

31. Google Adwords Select Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 08/05/2002 - We test a detailed (46 point) blueprint that achieved an average ROI of 1200%.

32. Google Adwords Select Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 08/05/2002 - We test a detailed (46 point) blueprint that achieved an average ROI of 1200%.

33. Overture Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 06/05/2002 - We test an expanded key word strategy that results in a 4067% return.

34. Overture Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 06/05/2002 - We test an expanded key word strategy that results in a 4067% return.

35. Comparison Search Engines Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 04/05/2002 - How To Capture More Traffic And Win More Sales

36. Comparison Search Engines Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 04/05/2002 - How To Capture More Traffic And Win More Sales

37. Update: Google's New Adword Program Tested - 06/20/2001 - We test 6891 impressions to determine the true cost per click

38. Update: 5 Pay Search Engines Tested - 04/20/2001 - Compared In An 8-Month Study - How can you invest $35 in a pay search engine, advertise for 8 consecutive months, add no additional funds, somehow end up with $65 in your account, and STILL lose money?

39. Google's New Adword Program Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 04/05/2001 - We Test 6891 Impressions To Determine The True Cost Per Click.

40. Google's New Adword Program Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 04/05/2001 - We test 6891 impressions to determine the true cost per click.

41. 5 Pay Search Engines Tested, Section 1 (Research) - 03/05/2001 - 5 Pay Search Engines Are Compared In An 8 Month Study

42. 5 Pay Search Engines Tested, Section 2 (Analysis) - 03/05/2001 - We focus on 8 Questions