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Work with MECLABS research analysts to increase your company's revenue

MarketingExperiments tests are powered by discoveries from MECLABS Research Partners. You can become a Research Partner to learn what your customers really want.

Ask the right questions to increase conversion:

  • What do your customers really want?
  • Why should they buy your products instead your competitor's?
  • How can you create products and marketing messages that tap into your ideal prospects motivations to increase conversion?
  • How can you discover – and communicate – your company's most valuable aspects to customers?

MECLABS was created to answer questions like these using a methodological approach to behavioral testing of customer interactions. We offer this service through Research Partnerships to help companies apply these discoveries to everything from marketing campaigns to entire website overhauls.

Combining the scientific method with bottom-line business concerns

As a marketer or business leader, you are likely not familiar with terms like "friction testing" or "heuristic-based marketing." However, you do have fundamental questions that, if reliably answered, would give you the insights to create marketing campaigns, websites, products and business strategy products that would better serve customers and increase ROI. Questions like:

  • How do we get people to buy online?
  • How do we educate prospects to the point that they choose to become a qualified lead?

With MECLABS Research Partnerships, we work with marketing and business leaders to apply scientific inquiry to your marketing campaigns, leveraging the evidence derived from the study of your customers to help you create a better-performing marketing department, website and overall enterprise with measurable results to prove it.


A patented, heuristics-based approach to marketing and conversion optimization

While other areas of the business have leveraged techniques and tools for process improvement, from Six Sigma to Agile software development, marketing organizations have tended to rely on the same star performers with the "golden gut."

MECLABS 10 patented heuristics have created a repeatable methodology for offer-response optimization – the continuous practice of:

  • Improving marketing offers and website messaging
  • Testing real-world customer response of these improvements
  • Further optimizing future campaigns based on these discoveries

MECLABS research managers document these findings for Research Partners in a Test Protocol system that attempts to bring discipline to the behavioral testing process. The Test Protocol system integrates a Design of Experiments with data tracking and validation calculations in the experiment to ensure these findings are a true understanding of customer behavior.

Get more information on how to become a MECLABS Research Partner

Provide us with some contact information and a MECLABS analyst will reach out to you with details about our Research Partnerships. We’ll ask a few questions about your business to determine how we can best serve you. This includes immediately providing valuable content, at no charge, that addresses your specific challenges.


Understand customers and increase sales

Our organization has been involved in direct Research Partnerships with financial, ecommerce, publishing, manufacturing and SaaS companies throughout Europe and North America since 2001. In that time, we've used this scientific approach to cull insights from 1,500 validated tests to understand why customers say "yes."

By creating a customer-first science based on the cognitive psychology of conversion, we've been able to help companies ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies improve conversion and better serve customers – for example, helping The New York Times increase subscriptions 1,052% and NetSuite generate 272% more leads.


How a Research Partnership works

While each Research Partnership is customized to meet the unique opportunities and challenges faced by the Partner, the methodology is similar across all Partnerships and includes:

  • Reviewing and understanding your data
  • Identifying and prioritizing testing opportunities
  • Executing the test plan and driving the most insights from each test to get the maximum ROI and customer discoveries to apply to future testing

We also leverage our data sciences, technology and design groups for companies lacking the internal capacity to put these discoveries into action, helping Research Partners with everything from transactional data analysis to entire website overhauls, including:

  • Currently hosting more than 300 paths and pages on MECLABS servers for an American daily newspaper with circulation of more than 1 million, a project that started more than six years ago
  • Creating a customized tool that enabled the marketing team for an American multinational bank and financial services corporation, one of the five biggest companies in the world, to quickly create, manage and track marketing and creative campaigns
  • Developing an entire content management system that housed multiple display templates for an online community's content marketing campaign, including hosting the entire client-side microsite
  • Creating and hosting three different versions of an entire ecommerce site (each determined most effective for specific prospect or channel combinations)
  • Currently hosting more than 25 pages and paths for one of the 10 largest bank holding companies in the U.S., a project that started more than two years ago


How we respond to your Research Partner inquiry

By completing the "request more information" form, you can being a process to assess if a MECLABS Research Partnership could help your company learn more about its customers and improve ROI.

After you complete the form:

  1. We will notify you that we received your inquiry.
  2. A senior research analyst will review your information and contact you to answer your questions and to determine if there is a possible fit between our research calendar and your research needs.
  3. We move into a two-step review process where we conduct preliminary research that will help both parties determine if we should begin a project together.


Research Partnership Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What is a Research Partnership?

    MECLABS is a research institution, not an agency or consultancy. Our Research Partnerships enable us to field test our discoveries that you may have seen in MarketingExperiments Web clinics – for example, how MECLABS increased landing page conversions by 200% or banner ad designs that produced a 285% lift.

    There are many examples of these discoveries that you can read about on our site, in our research materials or see in our Web clinics.

    In a Research Partnership, we come alongside the Partner to build a microlab using our customer-first scientific methodology to develop and optimize an aspect of their sales and marketing programs. So, the Partner gains discoveries about that customer that produce an increase in conversion, and MECLABS gains a new discovery that we can share with all marketers, and the cost of the research is typically absorbed in the conversion increase. Everybody wins.

  •  How does a Research Partnership work?

    Here is an (slightly oversimplified) overview of how we partner with your team:

    1. We conduct a thorough analysis of a focus area and key performance indicators – a landing page, lead generation channel, Google Analytics, email campaigns, CRM, marketing automation tools, lead management funnel, lead nurturing flow – and from this analysis, we make a series of recommendations.
    2. We then plan and execute a series of tests to minimize risk while determining the impact of these recommendations.
    3. Throughout the process, we measure and track the results to determine their impact on your ROI.

    If a microtest yields a significant boost, we immediately capitalize on the opportunity. This disciplined approach can help you "break through" certain marketing barriers, but it can also help to educate your company, providing it with a new systematic approach to growth.

    Our focus is on optimizing your marketing and sales funnel to improve financial performance. We do this by building a microlab for your organization devoted to designing experiments, testing hypotheses and providing treatments that ultimately leads to a financial conversion increase as well as an understanding of the motivational factors that are driving your customers.

    The goal of our approach to optimization is being able to predict your customers’ behavior so that you can better serve customers and, in so doing, increase the flow of leads and sales through your sales and marketing funnel.

  •  Why are you looking for Research Partners?

    We are looking to put our primary research to the test and apply it your real-world challenges to help companies achieve meaningful results and gain customer insights.

    We have found that conducting experiments with companies provides relevant, practical insights.

    Testing is a means to an end, but with many academics, it becomes the end. This is dangerous. And so, we value the common sense discipline imposed on us when we help actual companies reach tangible objectives.

  •  In what areas do you conduct research?

    MECLABS conducts research in the following key areas:

    • Ecommerce performance and conversion
    • Subscription growth and retention
    • Lead generation capture and management (including lead nurturing)
    • Email marketing
    • Mobile marketing
    • Website and landing page optimization
    • Omnichannel marketing
  •  What kinds of companies do you work for?

    While we have done extensive work with The New York Times, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco Systems and others around the world, we have also worked with smaller companies. As a result of our joint research, these companies, large or small, have experienced significant growth.

    We work with fast-growth companies, medium-sized businesses with $100 million or more in revenue, and Fortune 50 enterprises. That said, the size of the company is not as important as the nature of the research and the amount of impact we can make.

  •  Is there a cost for a Research Partnership?

    While all Partnerships are different, a typical research engagement lasts about 12 months during, which the research costs range from $15,000 to $100,000 per month. This research cost includes the MECLABS living laboratory and experienced scientists.

    Most of our Research Partners didn’t have a specific, set-aside budget for our kind of research when we began our work together. Before we engage, we review each situation to make sure there’s a high potential for growth and ROI alignment with our research objectives. From that analysis and a greater understanding of the potential of this research, these Research Partner were able to identify a budget to learn more about their customers’ needs and motivations.

  •  How does the Research Partner application process work?

  •  What are the obligations of a Research Partner? What's involved?

    Above all else, the Research Partner needs a commitment to using behavioral research to learn more about, and better serve, the customer to ultimately achieve better results.

    For some companies, this is a radical change to their current way of thinking. Instead of simply making opinions based on a hunch, they must transform their processes and organization to make decisions based on a rigorously tested and documented methodology focused on measuring behavior to better understand customer motivations.

    Specifically, Research Partners are also expected to provide:

    • Access to analytics and transactional behavioral and financial data for analysis by MECLABS data scientists
    • Their current understanding of their value proposition including why the product was created, who current customers and the ideal prospect are, etc., so the MECLABS optimization team can help identify and communicate the most effective value prop
    • An understanding of current resources and where executional help is needed (for example, IT development, website design, etc.)
  •  Will you share my proprietary company information?

    Your specific research results are not shared without your permission – we execute a mutual NDA. We are seeking to glean principles and not specific points of competitive advantage. You will have control over your data and over the paths or pages we create for you. At the beginning of the relationship, we execute a mutual confidentiality agreement. Data is only shared in an aggregate lot, and specifics are never published without the permission of all parties.

  •  How will you respond to my inquiry?

    1. We will notify you that we received your inquiry.
    2. A senior research analyst will review your information and contact you to answer your questions and to determine if there is a possible fit between our research calendar and your research needs.
    3. We move into a two-step review process where we conduct preliminary research that will help both parties determine if we should begin a project together.
  •  What kind of ROI and results can we expect?

    While we do not want to create unrealistic expectations or promise dramatic results, our Research Partners have experienced significant ROI improvements. Smaller companies have seen revenues increased by 200% to 300%. Larger companies have experienced significant growth as well. For this reason, we are still working with some of our earliest Partners – we are in our ninth year with The New York Times. It is important to note that this growth is not the result of expert advice; it is the result of careful testing. If we ask the right questions and we get the right answers, the results will follow.

  •  What is the relationship between MarketingExperiments, MarketingSherpa and MECLABS Institute?

    MarketingExperiments and MarketingSherpa are wholly owned publishing brands of the MECLABS Institute.

    Through MarketingSherpa, our team of reporters interviews marketers from across the globe to uncover and share best practices through case studies.

    MECLABS Institute then works with a select group of Research Partners, testing these best practices to discover what really works for their unique customers and products.

    MECLABS collects and analyzes this research to produce overall fundamental principles of the emerging customer-first science – using what is learned to further improve conversion for Research Partners while publicly sharing and publishing this research through MarketingExperiments.

    In addition to this applied research, MECLABS also works with academics and institutions to train marketers how to use this customer-first science in their own organizations to better serve customers and increase conversion.