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"Your emails and website provide the common sense that we often leave at the door to the office."

David Jones
Senior Practice Leader
Kaiser Permanente

"I often change small things across many pages as MarketingExperiments gets me thinking about how to increase the straighforwardness of my pages for the visitor."

Amanda Schaner
Marketing Coordinator
Home Science Tools

"The live web clinics are very humbling. I think we're doing a pretty good job. But every time I attend, I realize we could do things much better for our clients. I consider MarketingExperiments my encyclopedia, and parrot the principles I learn every chance I get."

Troy O'Bryan
Co-Founder and Chief Response Officer
Response Capture, Inc

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Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Landing Pages and Increase Your Conversion Rates (Attendees have seen up to 300% lifts)

Learn how to Optimize Your Landing Pages in Just 8 Hours + Achieve Professional Certification

Boston, MA
October 7, 2009
The fastest, least expensive way to increase your sales is to optimize your web pages. But optimization can be difficult. The challenge isn’t developing a way to test (there are many tools for this). The challenge is discovering what changes to test.

MarketingExperiments' Landing Page Optimization Certification is carefully designed to help you discover exactly what you need to change on the key landing pages from your ecommerce, subscription, or lead-gen paths.

It features live optimization and advice from the optimization experts at MarketingExperiments.

Every single moment is carefully planned to help you increase your revenue. There are no vendor presentations, no industry speeches, and no repeat sessions.

Reserve your seat today.

Proven To Deliver Results in a Difficult Economy

In a softening economy, marketers look for ways to improve their results. Whether you're going to focus spending on lower-cost tactics or try to grab market share when competitors cut back, you'll want to apply strategies with proven ROI. Improving the effectiveness of your landing pages is one of the quickest (and most cost-effective) ways to increase conversions and sales.

Previous attendees have achieved conversion gains of up to 300% after taking this course

This course provides you with the right information and tools to immediately start applying what you have learned to your websites.

Matt Celano, one of our previous attendees, reported he was "hoping for a 10-15% lift in conversions" by applying what he learned from this certification course. Instead, the page he launched after taking our certification course in landing page optimization achieved a 300% lift in conversions.

This is one example among many others that we have seen from students that attend the Landing Page Optimization Professional Certification.

Live Optimization Experts will be at the event helping you to design the best possible landing pages

At the Landing Page Optimization Certification in Boston, MA, you'll discover exactly what you need to change on YOUR key landing pages. Every single moment of the day is carefully planned to help you increase your revenue. The workshop features live optimization and personal advice from the optimization experts at MarketingExperiments.

Reserve your seat today.

Learn - Optimize - Achieve

1. LEARNING: You will learn a systematic (patent pending) methodology for optimizing all of your landing pages.

  • Review 13 relevant case studies with more than 29 charts and graphs to discover the five essential elements of optimization.
  • Receive over 307 pages of actionable content - all carefully arranged to make it easy for you to apply to your own website.
  • Discover exactly how the New York Times increased sale conversion by 1,052% and how the largest SQL server user database increased subscribers by more than 121%.

2. OPTIMIZATION: You will analyze and improve a key landing page from your ecommerce, subscription, or lead-gen paths.

  • Work through each element of your key landing page using an easy-to-follow set of optimization checklists and worksheets.
  • Receive expert help from the MarketingExperiments team as you develop your new optimized pages.
  • Watch the MarketingExperiments team optimize attendee landing pages and gain insight you can apply to your own pages.

3. ACHIEVEMENT: You will achieve professional certification in Landing Page Optimization from MarketingExperiments.

  • Earn your designation as a Certified Professional in Landing Page Optimization and receive your certificate and your official designation.
  • This certification can be used as reference on your web site or even your résumé.


The Landing Page Optimization Workshop will be led by one of the most experienced website optimization teams in the world. For each training event, there will be one main instructor accompanied by a senior research analyst in order to deliver the best content and teaching. The instructors and analysts include:

Main Instructors:

Research Analysts:

Location and Date

What makes Boston unique? This city is a wonderful blend of stylish, sophistication, and historic New England charm. You can easily uncover the city’s past while enjoying its distinctively modern edge. Year round Boston's calendar is brimming with exceptional musical and theatrical productions and annual performances, new exhibitions and timeless favorites, walking tours or trolley tours, ethnic festivals and festivals of Food & Wine.

Location: Westin Waltham-Boston
70 Third Avenue
Waltham, MA 02451
Date: October 7, 2009
Agenda: Click here to view

Reserve your Seat Today

This complete live certification course costs $995, and because of the intense level of personal instruction, the event attendance will be limited. The seats for this course will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sign-up and secure your place soon (these certification events do regularly sell out).

Enroll Today and Save $300 on the Fundamentals of Online Testing Course

Get a head start by taking the Fundamentals of Online Testing certification course online. You will get access to the course materials and can take it before (or after) attending the live Landing Page Optimization course. The Fundamentals of Online Testing gives you the foundational understanding you need to effectively run valid online tests. You can learn more about this course here.

Yes, I would like the BONUS OFFER and get access to the Fundamentals of Online Testing ($1295 – Ticket + Online Course)
No thanks, I would like to decline this offer and purchase a ticket only ($995 - Ticket Only)


Previous attendees include:

American Express
ATP Tour, Inc
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online
Hewlett Packard
Harbor Freight Tools
Johnson & Johnson
The Golf Channel
Verizon Wireless
Rosetta Stone
Warner Bros. Records
Sony Online Entertainment
Capital One
Time Life
Christian Broadcasting Network

Notes from students:

"Great Course! Judging from the sheer number of actionable ideas that came to me during the day, this was perhaps the best course I have ever attended."

Chris Smythe, Inc.

"My expectations were not only met, but exceeded! It was not only extremely informative but also engaging and fun."

Caroline Baker

"This course offered a tremendous amount of information in a very compelling way. Time well spent."

Frank Gibbons
Chief Media

"This course was an eye-opener in best practices. Thank You!"

Jay Masino

"Great Course – adds “science” to what we do and confirms the need to test and dissect email marketing efforts."

Celestine Turner
Verizon Wireless

"This course will help improve every aspect of my email campaigns and landing page optimization. Bravo!"

Hannah Cusack
Messenger International

"This was AMAZING! Normally, I go to these events and leave disappointed because it is for beginners and there's nothing new for a marketer like me. This was NOT the case by any means. There was more in-depth information than I have seen in too long. This was fantastic. The best class I’ve been to – period."

Tressia Gehrke
Travel Portland

"The course gave an in-depth understanding of proven best practices in email marketing. Most courses give top-line information on many topics – this course provides practical, hands-on approach that is readily “translatable” to our own email marketing strategy implementation."

Deirdre O'Boyle
DHO Consulting, Inc.

"Excellent course! I am a direct marketing veteran with years of experience in email marketing. This is one of the best courses I have attended – intense, focused and stimulating to the strategic thinking process."

Runa Chatterji

"Good course; tons of excellent information presented in a clear way. I have already found multiple ways to make changes to my email campaigns and landing pages that will provide immediate results."

Mark Sincavage
Covance Inc.

Training partners: